/ / The question of who the dog. What do you feed?

The question is who the dogs. What do you feed?

Answer # 1:

We have a Russian black terrier. We feed RoyalCanin from childhood. We take as a nursery. Comes cheaper. Eats 2 times. The bag lasts about a month. And if you translate into a cheap feed, you will have to take 2 bags for a month and come out with the same money. There will be one bread. Believe me, I tried on the previous dog. Constantly asked to eat. It was more expensive. And I do not want a naturalalku. I have enough for people to cook, I will not even pull a dog physically.

Answer # 2:

Mine on the naturalka. We give meat (mostly chicken, but sometimes we get beef) + unsalted buckwheat / rice porridge + vegetables (my love carrots, cucumbers, pumpkin, for example).

Answer # 3:

Feed Leader.

Answer # 4:

I have German women. Basis drying, additionally raw meat. Also sat on the Pro Plan. While we try to go to Brit

Answer # 5:

I have metis dachshunds and Pekingese, sometimes we indulge in Whiskas, and as porridge with pate and beef beef likes. Vegetables try to give in a raw form - loves cabbage, onions, cucumbers, watermelon.

Answer No. 6:

Sheepdog and half-breed (chihuahua with pug) we feed the Dog Chow
And of course meat

Answer No. 7:

I do not recommend food!
Naturalka Lutsche
To feed (ration of the day)
06: 00-06: 30_ walking
Feed in the evening and in the afternoon

Answer No. 8:

Two German Shepherds are 10.5 years old and 4.5 years old. Both on naturalka: beef, cottage cheese, sea fish, porridge with the addition of vegetables ... But the option, to put it mildly, is not budgetary

Answer No. 9:

Royal Canin x- small breed dog decorations (beavers)

Answer No. 10:

"TRAINER")))) German shepherd kennel, very good food, pokachaternee piano

Answer No. 11:

Brit Care, sometimes I give raw meat, raw bones with meat, cottage cheese or yogurt.
I have a mongrel dog

Answer No. 12:

I'm on the contrary think that the feed will be more budgetary,I want to transfer to drying. =) Our pug feeds mainly on rice and beef (allergic scary). Three kilos of beef a week goes. My husband and I do not eat much meat (((A pug has to buy flesh cheap.

Answer # 13:

We used to be on naturalka, in about September transferred to Franks Pro Pro Gold Breeder Line Active. And it's easier for me, and the dog feels well.

Answer # 14:

Good feeds are more useful than unqualified diet from natural products.
The so-called "economy-class food" isSold under the guise of feed cannabis preparations, that is, means for the purposeful destruction of dogs: http://tierni.info/whiskas-pedigree.htm. Moreover - this is not stated in the article - their cheapness is also a fraud: not containing nutrients and containing narcotic "food attractants", these "feeds" are eaten in huge quantities and as a result cost the owner more than feeding them with normal food - even without taking into account Spending on vain attempts to save a pet in the future.
Among the cheap fodder for cats and dogs to meThe only exception to the general rule is known: the domestic food "I'm without problems" is sold half as much cheaper than Whiskas (sorry, I have two cats, and there are no dogs), the quality is quite high: pasty meat wastes without doubtful Additives. Sometimes, however, a marriage occurs that causes diarrhea in the cat (the dog, probably, will digest normally) - but not anything more terrible. We at this stern in 2013, our girl-kitten from the age of two months raised. The constant supply of our two adult cats is dry food Hill's, ProPlan, Royal-Canin, Sanabelle (at least some of these brands exist in the version for dogs).

Answer No. 15:

I have a beagle. Meat boiled, buckwheat boiled and rice boiled + carrots, zucchini, apples.

Answer # 16:

At me zvergpinscher, earlier fed Eukanuba, and now have translated on Hill's

Answer # 17:

Acana and Original are the best dog food

Answer # 18:

It is better not for food, but for natural food. We feed so much. We have a Yorkshire and on the street two dogs, we cook them porridge with ossicles

Answer No. 19:

Natural) in the morning porridge or cottage cheese, for dinner soup with meat or cutlets, for dinner, too, soup or porridge. In the snack fruit, bananas apples, and vegetables tomato cucumber and other).

Answer # 20:

We feed naturalka: for breakfast a piece of beef, for dinner bone, for dinner or porridge what else, or again meat

Answer # 21:

What we eat ourselves, we feed the dog! I just cook more, so that he can!

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