/ Who are these dogs working for? (+)

Who are these dogs working for? (+)

Answer # 1:

Courthouse Dogs (USA).
Speech to the public for many isStress, and testify in court - and even more so. In countries where both sides meet in court in the same room, giving testimony becomes a real test. What can I say, if children have to act - their experiences can be so strong that it only inflicts further trauma on the child. In order to avoid such situations, in some states the US comes to the services of special "judicial dogs".
Forensic dogs are exceptionally friendly and cute animals.
As Ellen O'Neill Stephens and Celeste tellValsen from Courthouse Dogs, specially trained dogs, can reassure witnesses: "When a person remembers a traumatic event from his life, he experiences almost the same psychological reactions that he experienced during the event itself." It is cruel to speak in the face of one's abuser. Many people get injured even more. "
Forensic dogs are trained for two years beforeTo do directly with your main business is to calm down. The organization Courthouse dogs was founded in 2004 and now provides its "four-legged employees" for 28 states. In total, now in this non-profit organization there are 87 dogs, mostly labradors and golden retrievers.
Often children feel uncomfortable and frightened,Sitting in front of the jury, without any support. It also becomes stressful for the parents of these children who are experiencing the stress of the child as their own. The dog helps to feel to the children that someone who loves them, side by side and will continue to support them so that they do not have to go through. Even the mere presence of such a dog in the courtroom contributes to a less stressful atmosphere, less stress.
When a person sees a relaxed dog, it gives him to understand that there is nothing to be afraid of, that there is no danger.
Forensic dogs help cope with stress in the courtroom and beyond.
Dogs meet visitors right afterPassing security control in the courthouse, which allows the participants in the process to get acquainted with them in advance. Adults who have not undergone psychological rehabilitation after drug addiction, homeless people who have no support from the outside, or children who are subject to stressful conditions-all of them can find support in the person of the court dog, find the courage to tell the truth and not hide the experience.

Answer # 2:

Dogs-guards, for 1 photo the dog has a badge on his clothes!

Answer # 3:

Leader or help for the disabled.

Answer # 4:

Dog-hunters (rescuers), perhaps, are guards.

Answer # 5:

Dog guides assistants

Answer No. 6:

Witch dog

Answer No. 7:

Drugs are searched for, the creatures, who are put on different substances.

Answer No. 8:

Dogs are a valent. They come to the sheltered shelters, raise the mood for the disabled and the elderly .... they pay attention to them ...

Answer No. 9:

Dog guides seem

Answer No. 10:

Dog therapists. Canistherapy.

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