/ / Why are cats needed if there are dogs?

Why are cats needed if there are dogs?

Answer # 1:

Cats are needed for the soul! Yes, they do not know how to guard, just like dogs do. But he who got himself a kind and faithful seal, immediately understand - what is the warmth of someone ... Who takes you.

Answer # 2:

You need to diversify the diet

Answer # 3:

Stupid question

Answer # 4:

But why are there beasts if there are humans?

Answer # 5:

If you love animals then the mole will not hurt

Answer No. 6:

Whether you see - cats live at home and help a man take care of children, and the dog lives on the street and guards the house

Answer No. 7:

The cat can be pumped to the tiger, and the dog swings to the wolf.

Answer No. 8:

Because the cat is a fat crumb, whichI want to take on the pens)) And the dog, well, personally, of course, my darling, but weighs 60 kg, more of me and she has fundamentally other tasks, guarding the house, me and a fat crumb))

Answer No. 9:

Dogs are heavy in content.

Answer No. 10:

Cats - in order to eat mice in the house. Dogs - to guard the owner and the house.

Answer No. 11:

Why sit on the Internet if there is a sport? One likes dogs, the other cats. Some people do not care. And so it is clear)) people are different *

Answer No. 12:

For the balance of the ecosystem, including in a single apartment.

Answer # 13:

But the cat does not need to walk!

Answer # 14:

If you do not need it, then others need it, I really love animals, I have a dog, a cat, canaries and puppies!

Answer No. 15:

I also thought about this issue and came to the conclusion that the cat is in fact the decoration of the sofa, no more .. And the dog can bring real benefits, in which case ..

Answer # 16:

Why do you need dirty dogs, if there are cats?

Answer # 17:

Cats are better))

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