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How to scare away dogs? Pursued in nature ....

Answer # 1:

Ultrasound does not tolerate the dog's ear. Http: // www.Dazer.ru/video/ Here is a video about the attacking mongrels, bites and the action of ultrasound. Find out more about DAZER II from the SkyNews television coverage of stray dogs in Moscow from 04.07.2008: Electroshock was advised above. Yes indeed it is possible, but if only the handle is long as a flashlight or an umbrella folding. Otherwise, your hands are shaken and the shocker himself. Raspletaetsya to the plate with a bite of teeth. At me "Karakurt" and in the first skirmish with doberman from the company of alcoholics has failed. The drunkards drank in the woods, seeing that the Dober ran to us, they were sorry to throw open bottles and they decided to firstly watch what would be over. I took out an electric shock and did not even have time to bring a dober to the back as he turned his head with one bite and tore out a piece of cake from the already inactive unit. Thank God themselves coped with the dober, but I realized that electroshock is not reliable. Well, even travmatika, gas can. The truth of the latter on excited people and dogs may not work, even on alcoholics. The trauma needs permission. Well, it is still necessary to realize that if you fire for all in vain, you can be in places not so remote. I do not have a schooling. I do not feel greedy for them after I saw how they tear apart another dog that accidentally ran into their territory. Just eat cats street. Again, pulling in different directions.

Answer # 2:

Balonchik wear pepper

Answer # 3:

It is better to attract, pick up more drool in your mouth and spit in front of them

Answer # 4:

Pepper ground black with you. From bandits also helps.

Answer # 5:

Learn to walk with a sturdy cane, because jokes with a pack of stray dogs are bad, firearms in Russia are prohibited, if traumatism is allowed, then you need to purchase

Answer No. 6:

To pretend that you are lifting something from the ground and shouting loudly. And it's best to try to stay calm or distract the dogs with food.

Answer No. 7:

Pretend that you raise a stone from the ground) everyone has a memory of such a threat

Answer No. 8:

I have an electric shock, the first discharge into the air evenFrightens off, because ozone is produced, which dogs do not like, do not want to injure the animal once again, even if it wakes up the discharge on the animal, it does not kill it, but only turns it off for a while

Answer No. 9:

I read some comments .... people are you healthy?
And on the topic you do not need to: be afraid, squeal, throw. Dogs feel your fear.
Flocks and separateDogs (and so that they bite ...), although I walk past them, sometimes gafknut but no more, learn to live next to animals, read about them a little, man is not the navel of the earth.

Answer No. 10:

Stop, do not look into the eyes. Do not swing your arms and do not yell. ALL ! I advise him as a cynologist.
Itself just in case, I wear pneumatics - from completely insane dogs and such people.

Answer No. 11:

Try to completely ignore them and move on(No way not to run away), the step should be sure without showing fear, but constantly be on guard, and try to get all the dogs out, they always attack from behind, so at the time of the attack, you need to sharply turn to the dog face and do it in her direction Step, if everything is done confidently, then the dog will run away, thereby giving an example to the rest and they will all stop, after we do the imitation, that we pick up the stone, and they run back even further, then we continue our way further, so we will pass the possession of the pack .
In principle, nothing complicated, just do not have to make unnecessary movements.
I go with my dog ​​by various flocks, so we,Like the "elephant and the Mosquitos", circling around us like flies, the most daring try to grab my tail, but his team is "next door", he goes further, and I do not have to rip off the dog, I have to drive away. We did not have any injuries from the poochs! The main thing is to do everything right, that is, according to canine laws!

Answer No. 12:

Yes, such advice is correct. I'm afraid of panichiski dogs (bitten in childhood). And how not to yell if you bared teeth biting on a flock? I had it recently, I'm sorry, I was described for fear. I'm afraid even of puppies. You still write a smile to them in response to their growl.

Answer # 13:

Oh God my meaning is so long and expensiveIf you can just as soon as the dog on you runs just bend over the stone, even if the stones are not around and just swing at the sabaka and she'll just run away leaving behind a bunch of ficula

Answer # 14:

Dogs are better not to be afraid of them and buy a repeller bought a sabaku kolbasilo half a day no longer fits

Answer No. 15:

You are all wrong to nag behind a stone to buyWhat kind of crap plastic or rocks or toy with ultrasound you will not help if you are running alabai or a German shepherd all this nonsense just buy firecrackers corsair 8 to the premol and carry them with a burned said on on to throw after that to you not one dog does not Will be given

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