/ / Can a dog growl while playing? Should I ignore this?

Can a dog growl while playing? Should I ignore this?

Answer # 1:

On the laid out video-banal foolishness, there is no malice here, you will immediately understand when the dog really threatens you. And when not

By the way, most generally do not warn before the attack, do not dye the wool. Do not grumble. Can wag the tail from anticipation

Answer # 2:

The dog will distinguish the dog in passing, it's the same when the dog plays the VERY HEAVENLY PSA and when he really gets angry.

Answer # 3:

By the position of the tail

Answer # 4:

There are signs of threat, they are quite easily recognized, for example, ears are raised and slightly directed forward, etc.
However, there is also the context of the game in which the declared goals are false.
This context of the dog is easily recognized. The trouble would be to people if we did not succeed in it at least as much as they did.

Answer # 5:

You will immediately understand.

Answer No. 6:

Worth it. The puppy is playing. This is normal.

Answer No. 7:

I do not have dogs, but cats.
When Dusya was little - she came up with aGame: grab a toy mouse in the teeth and rush out in front of the very nose of Barsik, threateningly growling and hissing: "My prey - I will not give it!". Barsik looked at her with bewilderment: "But did I try to interfere with your toy?".
Video is from the same times, but the game is different.

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