/ What is the best dog for training to guard a country house?

What is the best dog for training to guard a country house?

Answer # 1:

Better is the breed that has the opportunity to test. Hire an animal trainer and ask the breeder to demonstrate the protective qualities of the puppy's parents.
There is an article on this subject and a video without "pink snot".

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:

German Shepherd.

Answer # 4:

Caucasian Shepherd Dog. True nature of her, say hard.

Answer # 5:


Answer No. 6:

But other parameters? Size, where the dog will live, will the dog remain alone for several days? So all the service books, only corso and dobarman can not live on the street, and the schnauzer can not remain alone.

Answer No. 7:

Depends on where to live will be-in the yard or inHouse. Here in detail and with a review of the rocks. Http://dressirovka-sobak.com/porody-sobak/luchshaia-poroda-sobak-dlia-okhrany-chastnogo-doma-kvartiry-i-semi.html

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Answer No. 9:

Geek, the main thing is to train.

Answer No. 10:

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Answer No. 11:

German Shepherd

Answer No. 12:

Well, someone like what, someone prefers domestic wolfhounds, I'm here for two hundred percent suit my German shepherd

Answer # 13:

German Shepherd, but if you are dangerous there is a rottweiler

Answer # 14:

Sheepdogs are beyond competition.

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Answer # 16:

It's the easiest thing for a CARE service for ARMYObjects in the absence of the owner are trained by the DOGS of ASIAN origin: Caucasian, Central Asian, South-Russian and the Eastern European that has joined them ... True, the guard dog from the young claws must be educated in the spirit of WILLING TO outsiders, and training in CARE service should be started no earlier than 12 Month-old age, inviting the FIGHTER FIGHTERS working for the development of VARIETY to strangers, and not to get the SINGLE sleeve

Answer # 17:

German shepherd

Answer # 18:

Sheepdog Siberian.

Answer No. 19:

Alarm, that's for sure ....
Well, just in case, a dog with an alarm can also be
In general, it is better to take a mongrel, she is unbelievable! You can do it the way you want!

Answer # 20:

In my dog ​​is damp. It is possible to be engaged in a figurant by an amateur for five years and the dog will be like that, and you can spend 10 lessons with a good specialist and no one will approach your home. The only problem is that good figurants across Russia are counted on the fingers. And without understanding it, you never distinguish one from the other. The breed of dog can be anything you like, but the person involved must always work on the dog's confidence. Again, the nuance, you must engage in obedience with the dog, and otherwise a self-confident dog will put itself above you and your family members, and this can already be dangerous

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