/ How many years have you been walking your dog yourself?

How many years have you been walking your dog yourself?

Answer # 1:

At the age of 9, I was entrusted with a calli,District and scared others))) and the dog in our tandem considered himself more important, did not let me go where he thought it could be dangerous: he was against joint climbing in the garages, he did not let me to other dogs, but he liked to play with me And was glad to accompany me everywhere and everywhere, stood up for me on our childish showdowns, in short, there were times ... True shepherd's dog) looked like real angels, although neither of them seemed to be (photo)
With the poodle, I was already ruled by pomelyuchi, she wasTrained at the highest level, it was also not scary to step on the showdown, at first everyone was laughing, saying the poodle and all that, and then our whole couple were afraid of the whole neighborhood)) there were also unpleasant situations when the dog was biting someone to strong hematomas And blood when she guzzled passers-by (she did not specifically teach her, and did not even know how to do it). The dog was free to move around all sorts of things (from ordinary houses to buildings), she could find a retired friend (with her was hideously hide-and-seek Play when driving :))
In short, well, nafig children with a dog to go for a walk, not the way they do on the street, oh, not the way))

Answer # 2:

Walked with a small dog at 12 years old, first,When she was not accustomed to walks-she was exasperating, enraged, morally disappeared forces. Then I kind of obeyed the beginning, stopped stopping in the middle of the road.

Answer # 3:

It depends on the breed. I was 12 when I bought a small poodle.

Answer # 4:

From the age of 8. I then had a mestizka doga with a boxer.

Answer # 5:

From 10 years old with Siberian husky. I remember those walks well. The whole area was covered: and walked along the alley. And at the school stadium they ran, and walked to the park through two roads. They did not frighten anyone, but they were having a good time. The dog was not a conflict, but the stylopopia =) Once I was fine on the asphalt on the rollers (for the mistress, a little fool, decided to ride for no reason). When she was little, she ran away. It seems that it does not run away, but it does not fit: it goes aside for its own affairs. She also ran after her: she was in a closed courtyard of a high-rise building under a fence - I told the guard why I should get into their yard)))

Answer No. 6:

When I moved to grade 10, then I had the first dog and I walked it myself

Answer No. 7:

I'm 14 strolling with a staff puppy

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