/ / Do I need to cut my nails and how is this done? Tell me, who knows, please!

Do you need a pug puppy to cut your nails and how is it done? Tell me, who knows, please!

Answer # 1:

Puppies need to cut their claws regardless of their mobility, since fingers and paws in the future can generally not be formed correctly.
To determine the need to shear clawsThe puppy should be placed on a flat surface and see if the claws touch the ground - if touched, they should be cut off. If you begin to hear a knock on the asphalt, then it's time to take the scissors, or rather, to take in hand special devices - claws that remind ... guillotine. How to cut the claws of a puppy at home?

It should be noted that puppies do not like haircutClaws, but they should be accustomed to it from an early age, conducting it constantly. During the procedure, you should always praise the puppy, talk to him very gently and comfort him.
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Answer # 2:

Not necessary.

Answer # 3:

Already was tormented to say that dogs do not have NAILS !! They have KOGTI! !!
If you walk a little on the asphalt and they do not grind off, then you need to cut a special claw

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