/ / How to teach a Labrador dog the power is no longer there !!! PLEASE, HELP!!!

How to teach a Labrador dog the power is no longer there !!! PLEASE, HELP!!!

Answer # 1:

It happens that the dog is unwell and the medicineUse does not want or is afraid. It's good if the medicine is that you can just drink, and if such a medicine that you need to urgently pierce, that your dog will recover, and your dog is afraid of pricks, then I think that by watching this video http://foxispet.ru/gigiena/ Lekarstvo_bez_stressa /? Utm_medium = vir & utm_source = forum & utm_term = lekarstvo you can easily manage your dog and train. In general, this is a useful material, I advise you not to ignore it.

Answer # 2:

Look for a cynologist, let him teach you how toTo teach a dog. At worst, there is literature about training, video lessons. In the comment you just can not explain. If it's short, go for a walk with the dog. Bring along with toys, delicacy. Distract the dog from other people by delicacy, play.
Baron probably just dominates your dog - shows your dog that he's in charge.

Answer # 3:

Labrador dog is stupid, it is created in order to entertain children. No offense!!

Answer # 4:

Labladors are very clever and kind dogs. Be patient and everything will turn out in time. From aggressive dogs isolate, and with training a bit stubborn - it's still a very small puppy.
It will be 4-5 months then try to train. Do not forget about inoculations MANDATORY. Good luck: -)

Answer # 5:

The article was published in the magazine "Friend" No. 3 of 2002.
(On the question of motivation during training)

Answers to your questions can be found here. Https://my.mail.ru/ (In the group ALL DOGS OF THE WORLD) Come and I'll be glad. To help.

Answer No. 6:

And what kind of training in 2 months? Or did your mother give you to school almost immediately, how to stop breastfeeding?
As for the breed, the question arises ... do we have so straight pedigreed puppies on the streets lying around and pick them up?
And most importantly - in 2 months the puppy is not vaccinated, why is he in contact with strangers and dogs?

Answer No. 7:

Girl, but the fact that the puppy TOTAL 2 months is not about anythingHe speaks? The fact that puppies are only beginning to be trained at 4 months, is not it? The fact that you can not let an adult male come to an unvaccinated puppy ...? And, yes, labs are not picked up on the streets, and picking up a puppy is carried to the worm, they are planted twice, then they start talking about walks and dressing

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