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What kind of dog?

Answer # 1:

Puppy American bull (not to be confused with a pit bull or bull terrier).

Answer # 2:

Looks like an English bulldog

Answer # 3:

They are

Answer # 4:

American Bully

Answer # 5:

Such ugly

Answer No. 6:

American Bully
English name American bullies

Section Bulldogs

Wool - Medium-wool
Size - Medium
Dog dogs, Dogs, companions

Height at the withers 43 - 53 cm, Weight 25 - 30 kg, Lifespan 10 - 12 years.



The American bull came from the AmericanStaffordshire terrier and American pit bull terrier. The goal of breeding the breed was to create the perfect companion. The breed was bred in America quite recently, in the mid-nineties of the last century. At first, the representatives of this breed were considered a species of American pitbulls, but now it is considered that the American bull is an independent breed.

The American bull has a spectacular physicalForm - it is both elegant and fast, but strong and broad. He has beautiful solid and prominent muscles. The athletic build of this breed is her calling card. Despite the small growth of the bull, it should create the impression of a big dog. Kind of awesome.
Coat: short, smooth, thick and shiny.

Head is big with a short fashion

The jaws are incredibly powerful, the grip is strong

Ears are short-cropped

The forelimbs are short, but quite strong

Hind legs short, but fairly strong

Paws are large

The tail is long and thick. Do not stop

Features of behavior
The American bull is used as a watchman, bodyguard, but in general he can become just a great friend for the whole family.
American bulls - a dog with a very highIntellect, which allows you to memorize commands very quickly. The main features of the character bully is equanimity, kindness, courage, loyalty, sociability.
The American bull is the perfect companion. He loves the owner and his family members, is devoted and benevolent. Dogs of this breed are ready to do anything to deserve praise from their master.
The American bull is a strong, good-natured dog. Although, it seems to many that he must be aggressive and evil. But with the children the dog keeps condescending, can play with the kids with pleasure.
Training a puppy of the American bull is of no difficulty, since they have a sufficiently high intelligence and literally understand the human speech addressed to them.

Content Recommendations
The American bull is not for the passive owner.
The American Bully is required to load, otherwise withTheir activity and temperament, your apartment or house can suffer. The owner must be firm and calm, self-confident and consistent. The goal in training and successfully keeping this dog is to achieve the status of the leader of the pack.

Care of hair
Is simple. Read more

Health problems
American bully problems with cardiac activity and joints.

Answer No. 7:

American Bully

Answer No. 8:

American roll (bully)

Answer No. 9:

American Bully

Answer No. 10:

American bulls are the type of the new generation of dogs as pit bulls but of a good temper

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