/ / Want to buy a dog just what? .. Help with a choice but I have a sister to her June 10 will be 1 year.

We want to buy a dog just what? .. Help with a choice but I have a sister to her June 10 will be 1 year.

Answer # 1:

Take your sister and go to visit the house with a dogA couple of weeks will show the reaction to the allergy in the baby then take out of the orphanage months 3-4 of them at this time are vaccinated again and you can start walking, and then your child all the selection of the dog will assemble

Answer # 2:

Shepherd German, only a bitch.

Answer # 3:

You can buy Pikenes. They are small and fluffy. My girlfriend was there, but they sold it, because she was allergic.

Answer # 4:

If you do not want to suffer with health and hair, buy a better short-haired, not thoroughbred dog. Pedigree problems with the spine are frequent

Answer # 5:

What size do you want a dog? What type of wool? Why do you need a dog? How many are ready to walk with a dog?

Answer No. 6:

And you do not want a mongrel from the orphanage? After all, they are no worse than thoroughbred!

Answer No. 7:

Well maybe you fit sheltie. Little longhair. But for a start, really, it's worth doing as suggested by Tatiana. Find out if the sister has any allergies to the dog?

Answer No. 8:

For children a good breed of labrador, beagle. Decorations shallow is better not to buy, the child can not abandon or step, but they do not need much. And of course check for allergies, if your friends do not, then you can do any test at the clinic for an allergen to the dog

Answer No. 9:

If a dog with an average size, then you can retrieve Labrador retriever, if a small Welsh corgi pembroke, Papillon.

Answer No. 10:


Answer No. 11:

I love dachshund and tacheks))) The dachshund is generally very smart

Answer No. 12:

Trifle do not take, they are hairy, and this sucks and chihuahua just do the miserable, they are all rabid and such breeds of children are not very fond of, take a normal dog and not these nedosobak

Answer # 13:

The rate. I myself have such a dog.
1) Easy to train, everyone understands.
2) Good attitude towards children.
3) Taki will be able to protect against alcoholics if you walk alone with her.
4) The dachshund has 3 types of sizes: standard (largest), miniature (slightly smaller than standard), miniature (smallest)
5) Active. You can play with them all day, they will not get tired. They are like a battery anerdzhayzer
6) The dachshund has 3 types of wool: long-haired, smooth-haired, wire-haired
7) The dachshund weighs a bit, so they will not be able to crush your sister like a labrador or a German shepherd.
1) Very wayward. This is not surprising, because they are norchnye hunters, hunt in holes. The owner in the burrow will not be able to help, he will not be able to protect - that's why it is their own nature to make decisions.
2) Vindictive and vindictive. The dachshund will always remember the day when you did not give her a piece of sausage
3) Problems with the spine, because of too short legs and too long back.
4) A pronounced hunting instinct. If they are not lucky, they will hunt any small animal in the house (like mine)
Outcome: better than one fee, there can only be two taxes.

Answer # 14:

Cavalier king charles spaniel, welsh corgi pembroke, golden retriever, collie !!! Here are the rocks for 5+

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