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Which dog is better for the baby ??

Answer # 1:

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:

Plush toy

Answer # 4:

Well brought up. And preferably not small breeds - they have a nature of bitchiness off scale.

Answer # 5:

It was more correct to ask what kind of child is better for a dog, responsible, if you are so that any dog ​​will suit you, if not then do not torture the dog

Answer No. 6:

Under 14 years of age - toy

Answer No. 7:

For the child, the dog, upbringing, training, walking and all expenses for which the parents will take full advantage will be ideal. And the child will be controlled by familiarity with the dog.

Answer No. 8:

For a child, any dog ​​will go. The main thing that he was responsible. And better take a pooch, they are unpretentious and need care and love more

Answer No. 9:

Chihuahua just does not fit. This breed does not like children. Dalmatian can. Only need to train. And then, no breed will go

Answer No. 10:

Answer No. 11:

Only toy. A child can not take care of himself and raise a dog, so take it for yourself. A child just accustom to help and do not allow the dog to pester, otherwise it will end badly - bites, injuries and eventually the dog will have to give.

Answer No. 12:

Plush. A dog is not a toy, it is a living creature that needs care, care and attention. If your child does not yet know what all of the above means, then in no case should you bring the animal into the house. Now there are still such children who can easily make fun of an unhappy creature, and cause him great pain.

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