/ / Explain what is a roulette for dogs ??? Than she is better than a leash?

Explain what is a roulette for dogs ??? Than she is better than a leash?

Answer # 1:

If the dog is obedient, then roulette is more convenient, and ifThe dog (medium and large sizes) is always pulling or aggressive towards the relatives, it is better to leash, since keeping the dog with both hands is much more convenient, safer and more stable.

Answer # 2:

For me it is so worse, we first had a roulette, then on a simple leash the dog dragged on for a long time, she was used to pulling the stout and the leash to extend.

Answer # 3:

Well this is a site! Chat rolette ford dog, my dog ​​often sits there, found a bulldog from Australia, I do not know how to tear it away from the computer !! !!
Here is the link www.chartteroulettefordog.com
And for cats, too, there are, but there are some perverts

Answer # 4:

Roulette, this tipo leash but a little different. On roulette there is such a thing for which the leash and hand hold. From this roulette and stretches povok. Bad it so that on a leash or a harness you can hold the dog, and on the roulette it can safely run off the plant rope. Here is a photo of the tape measure (if it rushes): http://www.antilatrat.ro/images/trixie-20940.jpg and here: http://www.glamdog.ru/components/com_virtuemart/shop_image/product/1320_____________4c6a342a91487.jpg

Answer # 5:

Roulette is more convenient IMHO

Answer No. 6:

For small dogs, roulette is very convenient, andBig it does not fit. Break the whole mechanism as much as possible, shorter to the first jerk. It is convenient because it unwinds itself and twists to the desired length, and the dog and the owner in the leash do not get confused.

Answer No. 7:

At us already all dogmen have passed to roulettes. It is very convenient, the length is 5 meters, it does not drag along the ground, but on the spring it is retracted or stretched, allowing to keep the dog at the right distance. There is a button that fits the leash at the desired length. You can give it a free run over the entire length, but you can trolley half a meter to release the leash and the dog goes to the foot.

Answer No. 8:

-my roulette is not as convenient as a leash especially for large dogs

Answer No. 9:

It is more convenient than a leash. In the dirt, the strap does not fall - hands remain clean. The belt is always higher than the dog, the paws do not get tangled - the dog does not get injured. Adjustable in length very quickly, do not unwind-unwind, the second hand is free.

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