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Which breed of dogs are the most affectionate?

Answer # 1:

__My BOXER Richie is the most affectionate dog in the world. He even did not offend flies in his entire life.

I've been raising my dog-boxer Ricika for 9 years. In addition to the standard complex, he can: call the elevator, open the doors from himself and himself, without a verbal command not to go out onto the roadway (where cars ride), bark at the command, walk on the hind legs, do by the pen good-bye or bye-bye !! , Spinning around the axis on a command, now we are studying low bows like "thank you people are kind", and also executing commands remotely by malogob. Radio stations ... Almost all of this can be seen on my website: MY ADDRESS OF PHOTOS - http: //foto.mail.ru/mail/andrei-belka/.__ I was not able to teach anything amusing, except posing in front of the camera As a model. Richie is smart, adores children, is able to protect, delicate, conscientious, easily trained, good-natured character, respects domestic cats and maintains a hierarchy with them, is not gulen, loves the owner. Has the only drawback - snot. My dog ​​Raichik raised a granddaughter, grew up with a cat Musya and now with her daughter. While it can be taught new tricks, but this, of course, is not infinite.
I wish you all SUCCESS!

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Answer # 4:

Depends on the upbringing, character and training of the dog))) And so, the courtyard

Answer # 5:

How to educate) you can raise a pit bull and an angel, or you can make a monster out of that terrier.

Answer No. 6:

You will be surprised, it's staffs and pitbulls.

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Answer No. 8:

In any breed there are both affectionate and harmless ...

Answer No. 9:

Probably buli and French bulldogs well and stafopit

Answer No. 10:

Yorkshire Terrier and Toy Terrier. And the Jack Russell Terrier.

Answer No. 11:

Mitel'schnauzer. . Lick it to death!

Answer No. 12:

As Captain Vrungel said: How do you call a yacht, so it will float .... This depends on upbringing. In any case, they are all affectionate to the owner.

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Answer No. 15:

All of them are very kind and affectionate as you to them and they are to you

Answer # 16:

Every dog ​​needs to be engaged. As you are towards her, so she is to you. Dogs are very sensitive to the owners. No wonder they say that the dog is like a master. A person who is nervous and jerky will have exactly the same dog. Conversely, a person of reasonable and calm - calm.
At me - very affectionate, quick-witted, sociable taksochka. It's not like me at all) Probably because of my youth. She's only one year old.

Answer # 17:

Yes, the pancake is not the best, the most intelligent, the most affectionate, the most beautiful, and so on! Well, I do not have them! !!
And pit bulls (yes, yes, such a terrible and menacing "boyzoffsky" dog) can be the most kind, affectionate and gentle !!!!

Answer # 18:

The most affectionate dogs of kind, affectionate and loving hosts, and the breed does not matter.

Answer No. 19:

There is generally no malice, even if the dog is beaten, only cowardice appears.
Staffordshire terrier, they also in the standard propimano, that dogs are angry with a man being rejected.
Dachshund) I have a dachshund, affectionate and sweet, six months old to him.
Alabai, well, education is an important thing.

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