/ / Dog Collie is a relative of a wolf?

Dog Collie is a relative of a wolf?

Answer # 1:

No dog originated from a wolf. During the formation of the dog continents have already dispersed, and wolves did not live on all continents, but there are dogs everywhere, moreover, very ancient breeds. Dogs originated from dogs. Their ancient ancestors are still preserved on several continents.

Answer # 2:

All dogs are distant-far-distant relatives of a wolf ..

Answer # 3:

... all the dogs are related. Wolf.

Answer # 4:

No, not even similar!

Answer # 5:

Yes . His 100 granddaughter)

Answer No. 6:

All dogs are relatives of a wolf.

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Answer No. 8:

So far there is no evidence that the wolf is the ancestor of dogs in general. Except for some factory breeds, where the wolf was poured deliberately.

Answer No. 9:

No! Pedigree dogs are a mixture of other dogs

Answer No. 10:

I have a sneeze .... he has a look ... like a wolf .... I call him so ... VOLCHARA ,,,

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Answer No. 12:

All dogs by species are wolves. Read the classification:

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