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Diets for dogs Tell me please a proven effective diet for chihuahua

Answer # 1:

But why should a dog diet?

Answer # 2:

A healthy dog ​​does not need a diet - she needs a balanced diet and good loads.
If the dog is fat - then ... reduce the fat, increase the duration of the walk - at first it will come down. It would be nice to know what the dog is fed.

Answer # 3:

And what do you feed her now and how much she moves? How long does the walk, how many times a day do you take out what she does on the street?

Answer # 4:

Why should a dog diet? If the dog is fat, then just reduce the porters and walk more.
How and in what quantity do you feed the dog?

Answer # 5:

Begin normally to feed the dog, and lots and actively walk. DO NOT TAKE ANIMAL !!!!

Answer No. 6:

What kind of diet do you want to hear: About apple or buckwheat? Dogs do not have diets and can not be. All that you need in order for the dog to become a dog again is a meal two or three times a day, strictly on schedule. It should be pouring meat + sour milk or dry food. 10 minutes after the food appeared in the bowl and the dog ate it partially, the food is removed and given next time only in accordance with the schedule. Even if the dog refused to eat at all, the next time it should be fed on schedule. Food should not be left in a bowl for days, only water. Well, the paddock, paddock and once again walking.

P.S .: a dog with obesity is living much less healthy dogs!

Answer No. 7:

I imagine Chihua-godzila on smallPaws. You feed a lot, wear a lot on your hands and oooooochen little move at the sabestake. Reduce portioning or feed some time a specialized food for this case.

Answer No. 8:

Buy low-calorie dry food and strictly feed the norm, plus mandatory daily walks in the fresh air-that's the whole diet

Answer No. 9:

To lose weight or to treat something?

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