/ Why does the dog eat its puppies? And is it possible to keep such a dog?

Why does the dog eat its puppies? And is it possible to keep such a dog?

Answer # 1:

The dog eats its puppies in certain cases
1. if it feels that they will soon die because of weakness
2. if the dog understands that she does not have enough milk for all puppies

So there is nothing terrible in this

Answer # 2:

Fiction fiction?
You beguiled a dog with a hamster

Answer # 3:

I would not have dared

Answer # 4:

The dog needs proper care, control ... Cyrus speaks correctly. And you can keep a dog like that - she will not eat you.

Answer # 5:

This anomaly, such bitches either reject, orIf this is a very valuable bitch in terms of breeding, then they plant all the puppies and feed them from the nipple or put them under other bitches that feed, if it's a dog without a pedigree, it's better to castrate it, since it will happen all the time

Answer No. 6:

All my life I live with dogs, full of dog friends and no one ever told me that their dog ate puppies. An adult dog will never touch a puppy when this bully falls in the belly.

Answer No. 7:

This is especially the sin of the sheepdogs

Answer No. 8:

Does not want a slavish share for his children, apparently suffered from the hosts.

Answer No. 9:


Answer No. 10:


Answer No. 11:

A dog eats its puppies, because they can be very weak or sick. It's not so scary. Such a dog can be kept, but only first you need to consult a veterinarian.

Answer No. 12:

A dog should have potable water around the clock! And the supervision of a veterinarian during childbirth, if necessary, help. A dog and even a sheep with a cow dollzhny eat POST.

Answer # 13:

In violation of protein metabolism, when the bitch herself was poorly fed and kept

And in the pathology of the same psyche

Answer # 14:

The dog after the birth eats the placenta and umbilical cord,But "gets carried away" and starts eating a puppy. Also, this behavior is most often seen in breeds derived specifically for dog fights. The greatest possibility of manifestation of cannibalism in a dog during childbirth with the help of caesarean section. Such a woman in childbirth, waking up from anesthesia and finding out where the puppies come from, can behave quite unexpectedly.

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