/ How many times to feed the puppy and at what time? Dvornyaga, 3 months.

How many times to feed the puppy and at what time? Dvornyaga, 3 months.

Answer # 1:

Puppies grow very quickly and develop. Compared to older dogs, they need almost double the norm of nutrients and vitamins. Ordinary dog ​​food can not fully meet these needs, so during the first year of life give them a feed designed specifically for puppies. In such feeds, high protein content (28% - 30%), and they are enriched with fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins, minerals, fats and other substances necessary for your growing puppy.
Feeding in the early days
You took the puppy. The first days, feed him with the same food as he received before he got to you. Then gradually transfer it to the feed that you picked, based on the information received from the veterinarian and the breeder. Do not rush with this, otherwise your pet may have an upset stomach.
The transition from one feed to another must go7-10 days. First make a mixture in which there will be 25% of the new food and 75% of the old, and a few days, feed her a puppy. Then make a mixture of 50 to 50. After another couple of days, go to the mixture, consisting of three quarters of the new food and a quarter of the old one. In the end, go completely to the new food. If your puppy starts vomiting, intestinal frustration or, conversely, constipation, then transfer it to a new meal more slowly.
Feed type
As a rule, breeders do not recommend feedingPuppy cans or jelly, because they contain up to 80% water. If you get rid of 4/5 of the content of the cans that make up this liquid, then the canned food will be very expensive. The semi-moist food contains about 55% of the liquid, and also a lot of salt and sugar, so that the food is stored longer. Again, you overpay for this liquid, and in addition, your puppy does not need salt and sugar.
In dry food contains only 9% of water, and allThe remaining components are of the same quality as in the feed of other types. By all accounts, dry food is more economical, easier to use and better suited to dogs.
In dogs eating dry food, as a rule,Less frequent intestinal disorders and constipation, as well as fewer problems with excess weight. Canned food has no visible effect on the coat and skin of animals. But the biggest plus in using dry food is their positive effect on the condition of teeth and gums of animals. Dogs that feed on soft food always have more problems with the oral cavity, starting from tartar and ending with gum disease and loss of teeth. All this causes bad breath.
The only thing that is even worse canine canned food -It's the remains of the master's table. We strongly advise not to start feeding the dog with pieces from the table, because once started, it will never end. Most nutritionists believe that dogs that feed on good-quality commercial food are better provided with nutrients than their owners. This is confirmed by numerous studies. Remains from the table usually contain a lot of calories and are not balanced. In addition, they lack the vitamins and minerals your pet needs.
Schedule your puppy's feeding schedule,Based on their own mode of the day. You do not need a puppy to eat at will, because it is necessary to watch for the pup to gain weight as expected. You should be there when the puppy needs to be fed. Up to six months of age, puppies should be fed 3 times a day, from 6 to 12 months - twice a day, and after a year the puppy can be fed once a day. Growing up, the puppies independently switch to an adult diet.
Eating at a certain time, the dog will be moreRegularly go to the toilet, so you will be able to accustom it to it. Let you get in the habit of giving the puppy a break after eating for some time. Do not allow children to play with it for the first hour and a half after eating, otherwise it can lead to serious illness.

Answer # 2:

They often eat at this age. I do not remember exactly, but we fed six months a puppy 6 times a day. And when there was nobody to stay at home - they just left food for the whole day. At 3 months, probably, 4 times fed.

Answer # 3:

Put it down and let it eat whenever it wants.

Answer # 4:

In the daytime, at least 3 times, it is better of course 4, butFor working it is difficult. At night, the puppy must sleep. At least half of the diet should be meat and a quarter of cereals and vegetables. Bones do not give, but curdled milk and cottage cheese can. The mongrel, too, should grow up a healthy and strong dog, and do not forget about vaccination.

Answer # 5:

We were fed four times a day at 7, 12, 17 and 22 hours

Answer No. 6:

Feed 6 times a day for up to 6 months, then cut a little to 2-3 times

Answer No. 7:

We were fed 5 times a day, in the morning at 7: 00-7: 30, in the afternoon at 12:00, again in the afternoon at 15: 00-30, closer to the evening of the afternoon snack at 17:00 and evening hours at 21:00

Answer No. 8:

They often eat, even sooooo often! Somewhere about 10 times in some, depending on the size of the dog, some do not eat, we fed 7 times a day, set a certain regime that would not overeat the puppy, and that he would not starve, and we were comfortable, then gradually Changed to 4, in general, now my 4 years, in March 5 will, still eat 4 times a day, and she is fat (not thin, not fat), we feed her write in hours 9:00 (before going to work ), 13:00 17:00, and 21:00 I hope that helped

Answer No. 9:

thanks for the advice

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