/ How to choose a puppy?

How to choose a puppy?

Answer # 1:

If they refuse to show the puppy and his littermates alive, and offer to make a choice only on the photo, do not contact such sellers. In no case!

Answer # 2:

Take a piece of meat and come, put meat in front of you and who first reached that and takes (the very healthy one) or the one you like best (not the fact that it will be healthy).

Answer # 3:

And where do you choose something?

Answer # 4:

Alive? Bury

Answer # 5:

Believe the lucky buyer of the puppy from the photo andVideo - in no event !!! No photo will ever reflect the true state of affairs. I do not want to raise this story again, I'll tell you briefly. I bought a deadly sick puppy (

Answer No. 6:

The photo will grow a crocodile! What kind of breed is this that you can not look at the puppies alive?

Answer No. 7:

On the photo you can choose only if you areAn experienced pedigree or at least just a dog breeder. If they refuse to show the puppies in real life, I would not take it. You have the right to see both the puppies, and the bitch, and the place of their maintenance, you also have the right to come with your dog or veterinarian. If they refuse, then it means. It's not clean.

Answer No. 8:

If not sure go choose with a specialist. Ask for fresh pictures of the puppy in the game, for food ..

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