/ What kind of dog is better to get to protect a private house? Breed and sex of the dog?

What kind of dog is better to have to protect a private house? Breed and sex of the dog?

Answer # 1:

A house or a plot? Will it live in an enclosure or in a house? For the enclosure, most sheep dogs will use, including Asians, Caucasians, Maremma, Southerner, as well as the Moscow watchdog, Russian black terrier, Tibetan mastiff, hotosho, shantrapu will scare away any big shaggy Newfoundland, Leonberger ... If you need work with the owner , Then it's better to oriental, German, Riesen ...

Answer # 2:

Alabai is ideal. Sex does not matter

Answer # 3:

Ovcarcia, Mastiff, Husky, Laika male sex.

Answer # 4:

German Shepherd (sex any)

Answer # 5:

Caucasian Shepherd Dog
Middle Russian Shepherd Dog
Giant Schnauzer
Guarding qualities from the floor does not depend

Answer No. 6:

German or Caucasian, preferably a boy

Answer No. 7:

Chop and alarm. A dog, any, only from the fools as a pugach. In addition, with our realities in the dock in case of mutilation of a thief with a dog, it turns out that you are in the first place, unfortunately ... it will be very difficult to prove anything.

Answer No. 8:

A ginger schnauzer and a good dog at the same timeProtect members of their families and their territory for their favorite pastime. Enough energetic. Sex does not matter, because both are excellent guards!

Answer No. 9:

Rate of the neuter

Answer No. 10:

Risenschneider and German or Veo will be simpler thanSao (alabai) or caucasian, well, it's possible to select something from the mastiffs, the same Tibetan (I myself have such a run around on the territory, guard it perfectly, a dog weighing under a centner all the same causes respect, and the fact that they are all lazybones lazy, So this is a lie)

Answer No. 11:

If you are going to buy a thoroughbred dog, then in any case you will have to teach it, as the dogs say - "put" on guard.
Better take the dog from the shelter - there it is alreadyAdult, with established character and habits, which the employees of the shelter will tell you, they will also select the dog that is best suited for your conditions and purposes

Answer No. 12:

Suku CAO.

Answer # 13:

Personally, I represent a Caucasian, a Middle Asiatic or a Tibetan mastiff the best option. I can not imagine how to plant other breeds on the chain.

Answer # 14:

As an option-Caucasian Shepherd

Answer No. 15:

Better set the alarm, just trust meSo it will be really reliable at times: http://www.tornado.spb.ru/solutions/for-shop/centralizovannaya-ohrana/. I personally trust the dogs, but the technique is much safer.

Answer # 16:

I think Dobermanns or Shepherds will do)) Caucasians or German -But you decide))

Answer # 17:


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