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Is it necessary to feed the dog only with meat?

Answer # 1:

If you pee over the expanses of the Internet, you will findBook Sabine Schaefer and Barbara Messicky "B. A. R. F. Natural raw food for dogs" ed. "Tuloma" in 2015. It will become clear to you that the ANIMAL origin: RAW MEAT, cottage cheese, etc. sour-milk products, poultry eggs, sea fish should make up at least 70% of the daily ration of the dog, up to 20% - raw grated vegetables and shredded Greens .... Puppy should receive 3% of his weight daily, and adult dog - 2%. Porridge and bread - HEAVY dog food, digested only in the intestines of dogs. BARRED bones, soups and broths to dogs are harmful.

Answer # 2:

A dog can not be fed only with meat if youFeed naturalko then there should be combined all vitamins macro and micro elements on this I advise to feed dry food premium and super premium class is not lower!

Answer # 3:

Better not, feed the usual food, and if notMoney then soups and different broths, otherwise the sabaka will settle down and when you run out of meat and you give food, she refuses to eat and will not eat until you give her meat

Answer # 4:

Well, not potatoes! :) Yes, meat, like cats. Although, perhaps it is also a scavenger, but it is better not to check and give just meat, bones, dry food.

Answer # 5:

What a nonsense)). Dogs eat best of all porridge with meat and vegetables - meat 50%.

Answer No. 6:

No, but it should be a large part of it, not 50%

Answer No. 7:

In addition to meat, there is a scar and other offal.

Answer No. 8:

Dry food, meat, soup, broth.

Answer No. 9:

Not only

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