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What kind of dog will you have?

Answer # 1:

Labrador Retriever is good for you, but you needIn earnest to take training, it is obligatory to go to training to the cynologist, to study the team, especially the team "next" (Labradors are very gullible, they like to suck up to a stranger, they are sometimes called "fools", because up to 3 years they behave like puppies - Do, and then think.) In general, think whether you are ready, every day of God get up at 5-6 hours before school and take him out for a walk, instead of watching TV in the evening, again to walk. In the afternoon after school ... So pay attention to it, good luck.))

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:

Husky or German Shepherd

Answer # 4:


Answer # 5:

The German Shepherd.

Answer No. 6:

Spaniel, dachshund, pug

Answer No. 7:

The most convenient for the apartment is a dachshund, a loyal friend, security, a favorite, my lived with us 18 years, he will give you a sea of ​​love

Answer No. 8:

Doja the child, in the event that you want to be the mistress, I advise mopsik, poodle, lapdog, dachshund

Answer No. 9:

Take the Moscow watchdog, though in the titleBreeds and it is said that it is "Watchtower" but in fact they are extremely intelligent and kind dogs who lack a gene of aggression, they are fond of playing and are in the spotlight and certainly will never be bitten by a chela, and very fond of children. How many saw the Moscow watchmen, all as one, kind and clever, well, and train them easily.

Answer No. 10:

Russian Black Terrier. A large breed, an excellent watchman, a nanny and companion. Compact in the apartment. Without an occasion does not bark. Thinking, but normally trained. He likes active games. But, if only the child will walk with HRT, then this is not the best option. They are very strong and the child will not be able to keep her on a leash if an unforeseen situation arises.

Answer No. 11:

So just learn how to write the word "inertia" and "inertial" then buy.

Answer No. 12:

Springer Spaniel, poodle small or large, mittelschnauzer.

Answer # 13:

Child, run with the Russian textbook. Inergia? WHAT? Learn to write correctly, though.

Answer # 14:

Scotland. Sheep-dog
Americas. spaniel

Answer No. 15:

Your options:
Husky, husky, Akita-inu (Siba Inu) Dachshund, pug, poodles, welsh corgi, west heynled terrier. Is that enough? Or continue the list?

Answer # 16:

Look at the golden retriever. Suitable for the criteria, like.
Huskies do not take, there were advisers, God.
With a labrador the child can not cope (I'm a child myself, yeah).
The rest of the retrievers and spaniels, consider.
But I still advise a golden retriever.

Answer # 17:

Husky, all representatives of the Laek, Samoyed, Malamute andPr. Dogs do not suit you! These dogs need daily loads regardless of your energy. Do not run with them the same 10 km, will do the repairs. Plus, husky lovers povyt. All hounds have an excellent hunting instinct.
I do not advise you to be very large or very small.
I advise you to get representatives of calmMedium breeds, for example a cocker spaniel (an American or an Englishman decide for yourself), as well as from larger can offer you a golden retriever, they are calmer and more adequate than a Labrador.
Any dog ​​without upbringing and proper loads will bark, bite, rage, gnaw everything, etc.
With children, absolutely all dogs coexist, if, of course, children do not beat or scream at them.
Living with other pets, in this case cats, depends only on it, because this is its territory.

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