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History of the origin of the Irish Setter * DogSecrets.ru

Today, the Irish red setter is considered the most common breed of setters. Time of occurrence of this breed - the beginning of the 18th century.

It was then that in Ireland they began to breed a new breed of dogs for hunting on the basis of a red and white setter, whose main specialization was hunting for marsh, steppe and game.

A hundred years later, due to its high reputationThe enduring indefatigable hunter, the setter became popular in England. Very soon this brave, hardy, beautiful dog was started not only for hunting, but also for exhibitions.

To say specifically what kind of dog breedsUsed to cross today is quite difficult. Although there is information, according to which the creation of this breed was attended by setters, spaniels and cops.

Originally the look of the Irish setter is prettyDiffered from the species of modern representatives of this breed. The main difference was a strict white-red color. A modern fiery reddish color - this is the result of further evolution of the breed.

Officially, the breed was recognized in 1876, andThe first club of lovers of the Irish Setter was founded in 1882. The popularity of the breed in the meantime grew rapidly and not only because of the hunting qualities of these dogs: after all the setter is also the owner of a very beautiful, elegant appearance.

In his homeland, in Ireland, the setter is stillIs highly regarded as a hunter who must undergo appropriate tests. In Germany, rock fans have split into two camps, one of whom believes that the Irish setter is a breed that must be bred exclusively for hunting, working qualities. But others note that most of the setters are derived, first of all, in view of their appearance, and they are kept as dogs-companions.

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