/ / Dobermann dog owners, leave your feedback, how does the dog treat children, its loyalty and protective qualities?

Owners of Dobermann dogs, leave your feedback, how does the dog treat children, its loyalty and protective qualities?

Answer # 1:

Muzzle put on and it will be good,

Answer # 2:

They are very stupid but not aggressive

Answer # 3:

Devotion and protective qualities at altitude. With children it is more difficult .. The nervous system at them is active .. At a pain .. tyapnut can.

Answer # 4:

Good official breed. Correctly matched puppy + good training. In itself, nothing happens, and the education of the dog is given by its owner. As they say that you plant ...

Answer # 5:

I had a female. I had a garden, I was given a couple of turkeys, and the female dug digging for the rest of the night, where a couple rested, killed them in the morning, just gnawed, and did not eat meat. My clothes were torn when I hung on the rope, threw myself at it and tore it to pieces, did not want to listen to anyone. I did not like my children.
We never offended her, took a little one. She just did not love us. Naturally gave one neighbor who had a Doberman, a male and she gave birth to him puppies and a man began selling this breed.
We took a male shepherd. Better a dog, a travesty than a German Shepherd, I do not know, I'm smart dog, barks, only when I have to, respects the owners and enemies crumbles, eats a lot, but deserves it. Our Shepherd lived, I called her Ringo, in honor of Ringo STAR from the Beatles for a long time with us until the house was sold. Better Sheepdog!

Answer No. 6:

In the dog's saliva (of any breed) there isEchinococcus granulosus. Personally, I have nothing against dogs I do not have, but children (as well as adults) can get sick with echinococcosis, characterized by the formation of cysts (a tumor with pus).

Answer No. 7:

You can not expect much from a dog, just becauseShe has a Breed. First you need to choose a good mating, without genetic deviations, including the psyche. Then give proper education, so that the dog clearly knew its place in the pack, I mean in the family. If she is correctly explained that she is under the status of a child and all members of the family, then there should be no problems. Devotion is obtained by proper treatment of the dog, and it is better to put protective qualities with the dog singer after the OKD.

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