/ / The dog is sick. Foam and yellowish liquid are released. WHO KNOWS, please respond.

The dog is sick. Foam and yellowish liquid are released. WHO KNOWS, please respond.

Answer # 1:

Listen, if you vomit too, run to the computerAnd the answers climb? Well, when people already understand that the symptomatology can be the same for different diseases !!! Go to the wind, learn the diagnosis and treat the dog.

Answer # 2:

Poisoning take noshpu for people and two tablets in the morning and in the evening I his so cured teeth were cut full of polystyrene tablets better chop

Answer # 3:

Drying and on the plate do not interfere. Or one or the other. Otherwise, farewell stomach and liver instead with him.

Answer # 4:

The dog is poisoned., The symptoms are similar.
Now in Russia dog mall. Declared war on dogs, even host: .: (....

Answer # 5:

I always give 10 carbon tablets.

Answer No. 6:

Carry to the vet, once 4 days already vomits, there may be poisoning, well, or while giving the dog coal.

Answer No. 7:

Can not feed the dogs with nuts! But you can buy. And the liver, by the way, too, should not be abused, especially raw. Chappi does not suit all dogs either, and they do not give drying to natural dogs, just one thing - either a suhach or naturalka. In general, legs in the hands and in the wind. Clinic with a cannon fly a bullet.
Well, still, as an option, call Veta on the house, if there is no desire to go to the clinic, well, or the opportunity.

Answer No. 8:

The dog has a liver and pancreas for a long time, start to feed properly to start

Answer No. 9:

Http://tierni.info/whiskas-pedigree.htm - it's about Chappy.
And now - to the wind, stop her poison Chappi and nuts - this is far from enough.

Answer No. 10:

Vomiting with foam with bile - a signal about problems withThe liver. And problems with the liver from malnutrition. As soon as possible, show the dog to the veterinarian, and it is very desirable to have an examination on ultrasound. And after the treatment will also need a course of liver rehabilitation for three months. The doctor will appoint a karsil or essential.

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