/ / How can a dog be punished and as it is impossible for a fault for the purpose of education ????

How can a dog be punished and as it is impossible for a fault for the purpose of education ????

Answer # 1:

Strongly beat and kick is prohibited. Aggression causes aggression. Dogs respond subtly and understand the intonation of a person's voice. But a lot of words do not necessarily clearly and abruptly say 2 words or 3. The beast will understand not a fool.

Answer # 2:

You can hit the newspaper in the face and scold a terrible voice.

Answer # 3:

To punish a dog it is possible for a fault only inIf you found her at the scene of the crime, that is, the moment she chewed at your shoes, but if it has been some time before she does not understand why you are punishing her, she has already forgotten everything. The only thing that can be achieved by such punishments, only that your dog will meet you huddled into the farthest corner of the room, but it still will not go bad. Yes, have to remove the shoes and what she narvitsya gnaw. But leave her some toys, bones (only special, which are sold in pet stores). My dog ​​was very fond of (when there was a small) a small soft toy, could lick her for hours. . Although so far it was growing. And a gnawed new leather coat, a purse (which I left inadvertently on the dressing table), and from which the dollars were carefully selected and almost eaten, and "our" money was untouched on the bed. But she taught me to order, close the closet doors, clean shoes, etc. There is no thin, no good!
And even on the street, even after sheHaving run into all the same has approached to you (or has been brought by someone home) especially it is impossible to punish, as though you were not angry at it, show all the kind that are very glad to see it. Lower the steam, count to 100 and calm down. And for the next walk put in your pocket pieces of cheese, for example, or what your dog considers a delicacy. Periodically calling it, give us a treat, a simple but proven method.

Answer # 4:

I had a dog .. I forgot the breed ... it looks like a wolf ... he was very offended when he was called a wolf ... you tell him-the wolf-- started whining, left everyone, and fell asleep with anguish

Answer # 5:

The most important thing is to punish immediately afterwardsIn a minute the dog will not understand why she was punished. And you can punish with a voice, you can slap a newspaper, the most important thing is when you do not beat your hand and leash (collar, muzzle, etc.)

Answer No. 6:

Education is only at the time of action but not after the commission of the crime.
For example: The dog on a walk does not come to you you call her furiously, after a while she came running to you and you punished her for disobedience - it's not right! You should praise the dog for coming to you. If you want to punish the dog for not hearing the command, catch up with her and give a swill, then the dog will understand the leader you are stronger and faster. The first option will be much more reliable.

Answer No. 7:

Punishment - for me, for example, means the complete cessation of the game-t. E. There is no encouragement

Then you need to understand yourself - have patience and again take up the dressing

Beating is the way to nowhere, like poking a muzzle, spanking a newspaper, closing into dark rooms

Answer No. 8:

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Answer No. 9:

It is possible to buy a newspaper, you can buy a piece of cloth, but how to explain that I come from work and see a "read" book, I ask: - Who did this? And she immediately goes under the table in the kitchen.
It means she forgot that she read the book?
They do not forget anything, everyone remembers, even if they hid the stick a week ago for a walk-it remembers which place they hid.
And the most effective punishment - for a collar to pat.

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