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Tell me what foods you can not eat dogs?

Answer # 1:

AvocadosV seeds, leaves, fruits and bark of avocado contains Persin, which causes vomiting and diarrhea.
Alcoholic BugsRussian, in the USSR, dog handlersForced to give dogs alcohol, due to heavy loads. However, alcohol is not for dogs! Intoxication, coma or death are consequences of drinking drinks with a degree. The smaller the dog, the greater the effect.
BroccoliEnough toxic product when consumed in large quantities.
Grapes, currants, raisins Contains a little-studied toxin that can cause kidney damage.
Vitamins for people (with the addition of iron) Damage the mucous membrane of the digestive tract and have a toxic effect on other organs, including the kidneys and liver.
Fungi can contain toxins that affect the body and cause shock, sometimes death. A little exaggerated, but still.
Yeast dough As is known, yeast doughCan ferment, and this process is accompanied by the release of gases, which causes pain and can cause a rupture of the intestines or stomach. Plus, released during fermentation alcohol, can poison the dog. In general, I do not think you will give this dog-banned product.
Fat The cause of pancreatitis. It means fat, which was collected after frying meat, for example. Do not use the product you do not need to eat the dog.
Sugar substituteTo reduce blood sugar, which can lead to vomiting, weakness and loss of strength. In large doses leads to hepatic insufficiency.
Spoiled or old food, garbage can contain a bunch of toxins that can cause vomiting, diarrhea and even damage the internal organs.
Potato It is possible that after the potatoes your dog will have diarrhea. I do not give potatoes to dogs at all.
Forage for catsThe form for fuzzy has an increased content of fats and proteins.
Bones from fish, birds, large animals, etc. Lead to obstruction or worse - rupture of the digestive system. Can the bones be dogs? Perhaps it is better to buy a stone from a pet store. They will not only calm the teeth of your pet, but also do no harm.
Leaf of rhubarb contains oxalates that affect the nervous, digestive and urinary systems.
Medical drugs Some human drugs are used by unbalanced individuals for poisoning dogs! However some, nevertheless, can treat. Always consult a veterinarian.
Milk and dairy products Some cats and dogs may develop diarrhea if too many dairy products have been eaten.
Nutmeg Affects the nervous, digestive system and muscles of the animal.
Meat (raw) In raw meat can be keptSalmonella and E. coli, which causes vomiting, diarrhea and other troubles. This does not mean that raw meat can not be given to a dog at all! It simply needs to be processed (for example, to be thawed).
Remains from the table (in large quantities)From the table it is difficult to call a balanced meal. They should never exceed 10% of the food volume fed. Remove the fat from the meat, and do not give the animal bones.
Fish (raw, canned and boiled) IfTo feed the dog with fish in large quantities, it will necessarily lead to loss of vitamin B and loss of appetite. Excess fish in the diet causes seizures (or rather, they are caused by substances found in fish), rarely - death. In addition, river fish sometimes contains parasites.
Sweets Like people, the use of sweets (which is not at all characteristic of dogs) leads to obesity, worse teeth, and often to diabetes mellitus.
Plums and peaches May lead to obstruction of the digestive tract. It is said that peaches contain cyanide, which is equally harmful to humans and dogs.
Salt When eating in excessive amounts, leads to electrolyte imbalance. I do not know what it is, but you have to be careful with the "white death".
It is not surprising that dogs can not eat it either. Negative effects on the digestive and nervous systems are ensured. Heart palpitations, coma and death

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:

I only know about chocolate. Very harmful for dogs. I made sure on my pet. Do not think bad, then I did not know what it could lead to.

Answer # 4:

Avocados Alcoholic beverages Broccoli Grapes,Currant, raisins Vitamins for people (with the addition of iron) Mushrooms Yeast dough Fat Sugar substitute Defaced or old food, trash Potatoes Cat food Bones from fish, poultry, large animals, etc. Rhubarb leaf Medicines Milk and milk products Nutmeg Meat (raw) - give only after defrosting Remains from the table (in large quantities) Fish (raw, canned and boiled) Sweets Plums and peaches Salt Tobacco Khmel Persimmon Citrus fruits Garlic and onion Chocolate, coffee, tea and other sources of caffeine Eggs (raw)

Answer # 5:

Salted, fried, hot, fatty, smoked, sweet

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Answer No. 6:

cabbage. Potatoes, onions, pork

Answer No. 7:

Pork beets ..
In general, it's easier to say WHAT dogs can be eaten.

Answer No. 8:

It's easier to say what you can: specialized feeds starting with premium class, meat, oatmeal, cottage cheese.
Categorically impossible products from the table, potatoes, chocolate, soups, bread, etc.

Answer No. 9:

Sweet, spicy, sour, salted, cabbage,Legumes, sausage and sausage products, bread and wheat products are digested badly or even not at all, the potatoes are there, the barley is bad (or heavily boiled with meat)
Except for meat and meat products, some cereals, and neutral vegetables like carrots, beets, pumpkins, and fermented milk products, it is better not to give anything at all.

Answer No. 10:

Feed: Chappi! Sweet (you can only, ordinary cookies), you can not eat fruits and a lot of fish! You can not have any spices!

Answer No. 11:

If not small, then I think he will figure it out himself somehow.
From myself I will add.
His dog - zwergpinscher fed chocolate, pies, fruit, beans, soup, cutlets. In general, that she ate - that and him.
The dog lived up to 14 years! He died of old age: already there was cataract, teeth fell out.
The food did not eat in principle. Years in 12-13 began to give him soft fodder (pieces in sauce). If not for them, then maybe up to 15 would have lived.

He had an allergy to pork.

Answer No. 12:

It is easier to list what you can - beef, veal, lamb, poultry meat, offal, sea fish, vegetables, fruits, greens, rice, buckwheat, dairy products, eggs.

Answer # 13:

Many things! Chocolate alcohol vegetables fruits and generally a lot of things)

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