/ / Posov.sobaku srednorazm, dl-sherstn, harmless to children, affectionate and so that you can take along jogging for length.distance

Posov.sobaku srednorazm, dl-sherstn, harmless to children, affectionate and so that you can take along jogging on the length.distance

Answer # 1:

You are welcome. Many such breeds. Long-haired collie. Setter (English, Irish or Scottish). Spaniel any. Golden Retriever. Maybe even airedale terrier (everything is suitable, except wool - he is a woolly and bearded). All these breeds are active, well trained, need long walks, and thus are not inclined to aggression on people. An excellent choice for families with children. But, of course, if the breed is considered friendly, this does not mean that the dog does not need to be brought up in any way. If you allow anything, then any dog ​​can become bite.

Answer # 2:

Golden Retrievers

Answer # 3:

Labrador is a great option.

Golden retriever

Answer # 4:

Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems to me that you are fit Golden Retriever

Answer # 5:

Spitz small. Middle, keeshond, small-quickly get tired

Answer No. 6:

Retriever golden, border collie))

Answer No. 7:

Irish Setter

Answer No. 8:

Schnauzers are good companions, hardy, the size of the dog can be picked up, the children get along

Answer No. 9:

If you are from Moscow or the Moscow region - click on the link, maybe he is waiting for you ...

Answer No. 10:

For such purposes, I would take a Labrador !!! What others wrote, did not read! I'm sorry if I repeated!

Answer No. 11:

The Labrador and Gold Retriever come to mind.

Answer No. 12:

Labradors, Golden, Mittels, Collies.

Answer # 13:

Golden retriever

Answer # 14:

Golden Retriever is what you need!

Answer No. 15:

Looking at what size do you consider average ?! What you are advised to average dogs does not apply (the average is 40-50 cm at the withers). Labradors, Golden are much larger (60). Probably such a dog can be Sheltie, Mittel Schnauzer, Kerry Blue Terrier, Wheaten Terrier, Bedlington Terrier, Poodle Small and Medium (probably the best option)
Good luck.

Answer # 16:

Golden Retriever

Answer # 17:

Sheltie. Medium sized, very active, friendly dog.

Answer # 18:

You described the samoyed!

Answer No. 19:

Kerry blues terrier

Answer # 20:

Of shorthair still beagle would advise.
And the labrets and golden are still big dogs.
Go to the Schnauzers still look.

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