/ / Which breed of dogs is considered the most faithful and faithful?

Which breed of dogs is considered the most faithful and faithful?

Answer # 1:

How?? ? How can BREED be true or false? How do you represent the selection for breeding by the criterion of loyalty and devotion?
Any dog ​​will be faithful and faithful, if you love and have it!
And if all this is not, do not say that this breed is not faithful!

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:

German Shepherds or Labradors (it seems so written).

Answer # 4:


Answer # 5:

There is no such breed ...
And why on the avatar is someone else's picture?)

Answer No. 6:


Answer No. 7:

Tanechka, better than a sheep dog, there is no betrayed dog and true fool. I LOVE THIS BREED OF DOG, although I have a cross between a dobermann and a rotor.

Answer No. 8:

Poochs and sheep dogs.

Answer No. 9:

Loyalty and devotion are sometimes few, strength andHere the "Germans" should be better than everyone, but it does not always depend on the breed, the most common mongrel goes to a clear death for his master, and the collie at the most crucial moment can pinch its tail and ... much depends on the owner !!!

Answer No. 10:

All dogs !!!! In general, loyalty and loyalty are synonymous with DOG!

Answer No. 11:

All depends on the owner) all dogs are faithful)

Answer No. 12:

But not on the breed depends. From the owner and character of the dog

Answer # 13:

All dogs are not important which breed ...

Answer # 14:

Toyterer are small loyal dogs that are larger than 20cm. In height will not grow, and you should care and protect your pet, since all that is more afraid of her

Answer No. 15:

Answer # 16:

Spaniels and Labradors
But I want myself a Pomeranian Spitz. They are so cute = ^ _ ^ =

Answer # 17:

Dogs are the most devoted animals.
And your question is not correct: imagine you would be asked which mother loves her children more black, yellow or white?

Answer # 18:

All dogs are devoted! There is no the most, the most ...

Answer No. 19:

But it seems to me how to raise and more on the nature of the dog. Does not depend on the breed, I think! And shepherds can escape if not trained

Answer # 20:

Yes, any - the main thing is that it was your dog ..

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