/ / Which dog is better to buy? ????

Which dog is better to buy? ????

Answer # 1:

Chinese crested (pauler-pouf, naked)
Boston Terrier
Miniature Schnauzer

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:

They are all great, but in different ways

Answer # 4:


Answer # 5:

No better Eastern European Shepherd Dog

Answer No. 6:

Labrador, Spitz. The best dogs in the world))

Answer No. 7:

Bernd Dog Sheepdog

Answer No. 8:

None. You do not need a dog.

Answer No. 9:

If a person wants to buy a dog, then heMust know why he needs it, what he wants from her and what he can give her. Therefore, he already knows what kind of breed is right for him, in extreme cases it can be a choice between 2-3 similar breeds. And such a question as yours implies only one answer: you need a dog plush from a toy store ...

Answer No. 10:

Toy. For every taste and color

Answer No. 11:

Yes what you like, this and buy

Answer No. 12:

If a little then: Spitz, Papillon.
If more then: Lieberman or Shepherd

Answer # 13:

If small, then Yorkshire Terrier
If greater, then Labralora, Akita, Husky)))

Answer # 14:

Who is better?

Answer No. 15:

First you need to determine what you want from the dog, and how you can provide it. I can help with the selection of the breed in PM.

Answer # 16:

You need to know why you need a dog. For hunting-like, kurtshaar. For protection, Rottweiler, KO. For exhibitions, a lot of dogs .. but in general, if you ask other people's people what you can get a dog, then better go to the store, there's any choice

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