/ / Which dog to take? Which dog to take Husky or a sheepdog (German) into a house with a small child.

Which dog to take? Which dog to take Husky or a sheepdog (German) into a house with a small child.

Answer # 1:

Husky is a very friendly breed of dogs! The Eskimos, who brought this breed, the birth of a child is a great event, in their circumstances, giving birth and raising a child is very difficult. The husky they live exclusively on the street. When a child is born the whole flock is pushed into the house and a child is laid between them, so that they warm it. If the Eskimos so unlimitedly trust the most sacred Husky, then we can safely conclude that they love children. However, remember in all animals there are some rare individuals with behavioral anomalies.

Answer # 2:

For me, the huskies are the most mimiches)

Answer # 3:

Are you sure that the big dog will not be crowded in your apartment? ... I do not like hussies, their eyes are not alive

Answer # 4:


Answer # 5:

Run on the street for 6 hours? No? Then the Husky is definitely not for you. First, decide what the dog is for

Answer No. 6:

Huskies are unequivocal, they are the best nannies for children. And the shepherds without good training can be dangerous, oh, in my opinion it's better to take a small dog, such as a yorkie or a beaver

Answer No. 7:

These are fundamentally different breeds. Decide who you want-a service book or a sled dog?

Answer No. 8:

And will you manage at the same time as a small child and a dog? Puppy is, count, another child ...

Answer No. 9:

Labrador retriever, golden retriever

Answer No. 10:

I do not advise, because the dog is, in fact, another child, requiring a lot of time and finances

Answer No. 11:

At us the Mastrel with two children perfectly gets on.

Answer No. 12:

And not the one and the other

Answer # 13:

Why should a dog have a small child? To the child tortured? Or the dog in the game bit, and you throw out later. Let the child grow up a little, and there already and buy.

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