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York coughs: why and what to do

York is a small dog and even small health problems can seriously affect his body, unlike a large dog. This also applies to a symptom such as a cough.

Why does York cough and what to do to the ownerThe cause of cough york may be differentOrigin: from the banal presence of worms to heavy and deadly forms of bronchial and lung diseases. The most common cause of cough in york is an infection. Cough refers to its primary symptoms and may herald infection with such viruses as herpesvirus dogs, parainfluenza, rheovirus, and in the non-vaccinated puppy cause of cough can become and plague virus.

Similar symptoms are also provoked by bacteria andMycoplasma. It is not uncommon and such a viral illness as a "dog cough". It is often transmitted from sick animals to healthy when Yorkshire terriers are kept in breeding nurseries or shelters. With all viral diseases other than cough, other symptoms also appear. Most often it is loss of appetite, fever, with an adenovirus infection blushes the mucous membrane of the throat, there is a runny nose and depression.

Mild forms of viral infections in a specificTreatment does not need and after a few days pass without the use of drugs. Cough can also be a symptom of a cold. It can be accompanied by an increase in body temperature, runny nose, sneezing. The dog can be listless, refuse to eat and play. In this case, antitussive drugs are prescribed, as well as symptomatic medications: nasal drops from the cold, antipyretics.

What to do if york coughs - necessary treatment

Why does York cough and what to do to the ownerWith a cold or suspicion of aBacterial pneumonia and bronchopneumonia, the main agent of treatment are antibiotics or other antimicrobial drugs. Cough in York can be an allergic reaction to irritating chemicals. Often it is accompanied by a plentiful coryza and sneezing.

If there is a suspicion of an allergic reaction,It is necessary to urgently stop the exposure of the allergen to York, and also to consult a veterinarian about taking antihistamine medications. In any case, if in addition to coughing the dog has any other symptoms to ease the condition of York and avoid complications, you need to contact the veterinarian for help as soon as possible. But coughing does not always mean a disease. It can be triggered by excitement or physical exertion. In this case, the cough passes quickly enough, the dog does not lose its appetite and does not show any other symptoms.

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