/ / Why are cats and dogs not friends? Dogs chase cats. Why?

Why cats and dogs are not friends? Dogs chase cats. Why?

Answer # 1:

Yes, everyone who has cats and dogs in their house,they are friends. And on the street dogs continue to drive "foreign" cats. Simply because at the sight of the dog, the cat runs away. And the dog turns on the instinct of persecution. But this does not mean that if the cat catches up with the cat, it will certainly devour. In 90% of cases, if the cat stops, the dog simply does not know what to do with it. So it's a myth that they are enemies. I have cats and dogs all my life. There have never been conflicts!

Answer # 2:

Just cats are afraid of them and attack, and dogs are protected

Answer # 3:

A natural instinct.

Answer # 4:

is not a fact

Answer # 5:

Some owners believe that cats do not tolerateNext to him no other pet, and above all a dog. And they usually confirm their words with horrifying examples of every kind. Opposite examples, however, occur much more often. The number of cats and dogs, living peacefully under one roof, is extremely large. It is not contrary to the truth that a dog as a more social being is friendlier and receptive to cats. Since a dog living in a house considers itself to be a member of a "mixed pack" (its members are a dog and people), then in such a pack there is always a place for a cat. Many dogs clearly like cats: they like it if the cat fumbles on the stove, prefer to play together and eat together. In the eyes of such a dog, a cat occupies a certain step in the hierarchy of a mixed domestic pack and, like every member of the pack, needs protection and protection. Strictly speaking, the nature of the relationship between these two species of animals is not provided for, they have different living spaces and different ways of obtaining food. Only domestication made possible their cohabitation. From the person first of all depends, how much the relations between four-legged lodgers will develop. There is no inherent enmity between the cat and the dog. The behavior patterns of both animal species are almost completely opposite. But misunderstanding occurs because of different ways of expressing one's feelings. The cat keeps more often quietly, waiting, watching at a distance, while the dog in search of direct contact literally overturns the cat. At the same time, the boundary of the cat's etiquette permitted, and in most cases even the critical distance for the cat, is sharply violated, and it remains, in fact, only an attack. If she still has the opportunity to escape, then, naturally, provokes the dog to pursue. If a cat purring means satisfaction, grunting a dog is a threat. Peacefully raising his paw, offering a game, the dog scares the cat, and that defends. These are, in fact, the "mistakes of translation" from the feline to the canine language and vice versa, which unleash hostile attitudes. Experienced cats sometimes show an approaching dog stand in an arc. This again can lead a stunned dog to conflict and to transient behavior - for example, to scratching, licking the muzzle, sneezing, or simply "disinterested" sniffing everything around. The reaction in the cat is clearly faster than that of the dog, as the cat already attacks before the dog realizes what's what. In rural areas, where numerous dogs and cats run freely, skirmishes between them occur very rarely. Animals know each other, recognize and circumvent as far as possible. Continuation of the article herehttp: //pet-cats.ru/page_488.asp

Answer No. 6:

I have a 10 month old chihuahua and a 5 month old kitten - great friends. They play with each other and sleep, embracing. So, it happens in many ways.

Answer No. 7:

Who said? Why are they not friends? )

Answer No. 8:

Just dogs are little higher in the food chain. I'm not talking about decorative dogs.

Answer No. 9:

I have a male Borzoi, for him, the kitty is the same hare, which nature demands to catch up with))) although at home many Borzhechnik perfectly live cats, their kitty dogs for rabbits do not consider)))

Answer No. 10:

This is who told you ?!

Answer No. 11:

Dogs like dogs, all norms, meow meow ...

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