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The question of dogs barking at night

Answer # 1:

Again Tatyana Kozlova tries to give answers by right, again by. He also tries to criticize me.
There is a Federal Law No.52 "OnSanitary-epidemiological welfare of the population, "Article 23, paragraph 1, in it. Sub-law NAPs in the form of SanPin set, in particular, norms of 30 dB at night and 40 dB in the afternoon (so Kozlova is also wrong in this).
To apply these norms, see [the link is blocked by the decision of the project administration]
However, what is described there is a theory.
Practice such - RPN refuses to produceMeasurements of "domestic" noise, referring to the IUK. This can TRY to overcome the reference to the fact that MUK is not mandatory, but recommendatory. Paid examination of noise - this is thousands of 5 minimum. And it's not a fact that the court will take it into account.
However, the court can take into account the testimony of neighbors and recording on household appliances. Of course, then it's easier to re-train the neighbors' actions to hooliganism.
In short, it's a long, difficult, rarely successful. Success is a fine of up to 500 rubles. The number of zeros is two, not 3 and not 4.
But, the truth is, there are regional laws and the MLA,Adopted within the limits of constitutional restrictions. In particular, and for noise, and local codes. For them, a fine can be an order of magnitude higher. Also, local laws set the boundaries of day and night. Local tax authorities have their own bodyguards - the local legislator often goes beyond the scope of authority, and these NAPs, with zealous approach, can be brought down in court, and there are many such practices.
In general, the legal way is not pragmatic. Tell your neighbors that they are breaking the law, but it's much more troublesome to go through court than throwing poison on them - then they'll at least close the dogs to the house.
If all the same through the police - do not go to the UPM orSeparation. Call 112, the call will be fixed, the application can not simply throw out and the UPM will be angry not only for you. Further, require the UPM or PPP to draw up a protocol of violation:
1) noise norms according to FZ 52
2) "sound" hooliganism
3) violation of the rules of keeping pets,Adopted in 1981 by resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Russian Federation No. 449 of 1980, where it is said that free-riding requires a good and solid fence and a warning inscription at the entrance to the property (they have something and are most likely violated). Paddling out of the private territory - on a leash or muzzle (paragraph 3.1 of the Rules, as I remember). That's just really to conduct through the court, sometimes even taken on the mobile evidence work. Unfortunately, as you know, this is not even a palliative, because the problem of noise is not solved.
You can also take the police to the brink, after 5-10 calls to 112 and to the prosecutor's office they can easily drive to your neighbors, since your numerous calls spoil their statistics and nerves.

I would advise nevertheless:
A) negotiations;
B) if it does not help - other "informal actions".

Answer # 2:

If the sector is private, then cats can run, not allowing dogs to sleep.

Answer # 3:

Agree with the previous answer.

And legally, it is impossible to influence this, only if you live not in the CIS.

Answer # 4:

Just in the legal field there are no laws prohibitingDogs bark at night, it's not apartments. Only good windows, doors, so that almost nothing could be heard. My dogs bark at me at night, so I almost do not hear if the windows are closed, and they are near my house. Dogs bark at night mostly on dogs that run past, cats and flocks of dogs. If the wedding is a dog, then the trouble is - they will bark like a wound (only bitch calculate and scare, but it will have to go out.

Answer # 5:

Neighbors are obliged to ensure that their property does not make loud noises from 23.00 to 7.00. Address to the precinct officer, let him take measures. A correct dog should not be bullshit.

Answer No. 6:

It was familiar, it was the case. We and still disgruntled tenants from our street, I remember, almost every day neighbors were reprimanded for dog howling and barking at night.
It helped, after about a couple of months barking stopped at night. Where they put three dogs - I have no idea.
And so, go to the district police officer, write a statement about the violation. The main thing is that the precinct officer was good, intelligent and intelligent, which would help to eliminate the problem.

Answer No. 7:

Alas ... the dogs get drunk during the day, but at night they give on cats and just overdo it. Good double-glazed windows help you, and in summer you have to close the window often ...

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