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Advise on how to properly train a dog

Answer # 1:

Teach the dog commands three times a week, for example: Monday Wednesday Friday. If too busy, then at least two times. Do not do the first lesson for longer than 35 - 45 minutes, and then increase the duration of training to 1 - 1.5 hours.
1Lesson one: Teach the team "next", "sit", "lie", "to me" and always give an excerpt. Team "to me" practice while walking - just call the dog from time to time, as well as with restraint (details in the articles).
2Lesson two: do the same as in the first lesson.
3Taking the third: train as before, but increase the training time to 45 minutes - 1 hour. Also, it's time to enter the command "stand".
4Lesson Four: Practice all the same commands. Now all your efforts should be directed to achieve from the dog their ideal performance. Therefore, if something does not work, just look for the answer to the question and you will succeed!
Fifth Session: For the fifth and all subsequent activities, work on the same teams. Demand execution from one team, get the dog to work more stable! There is no use for "half-finished" teams.
The command "to me" is served during the paddock, from time to time, and also when the dog is lying on an excerpt and you decide to call it to yourself.

Team "fu" will work out in everydayLife. Artificial conditions for working out this team can create a scatter of food within a radius of several meters. When trying to pick up food - give a strict command "fu" and make a leap leash.
The command "place" will be taught in the house, that isSending a dog to the place. To teach an animal to go to a designated place outside the house, you need to wait until I get a new article or find information on the Internet yourself. In general, for obedience the team is useful, although in life it is used quite rarely.

Teams "Aport" and "Give" will work outFirst while walking. Just play the dog with your favorite toy, the best thing is a puller, and give the "give" command several times at all times. By training a dog you will also work out anportation and "give", but in a more strict manner, not a game.

The command "fac" is not a simple command, and it canTrain only an experienced person. And no experienced person will take up the training of this team without preliminary work for obedience. If the cynologist sees that the dog obeys you, then you will manage, most likely, a few lessons in obedience and go to the course of protection.

Answer # 2:

I did this: I pushed his ass down into the bottom and said to sit and gave the lacquer.

Answer # 3:

It is necessary to go to the site

Answer # 4:

You need to contact the club of dog breeders, and another very important point is whether your dog considers you its master

Answer # 5:

There is one phrase you can not do. These are not tens, and hundreds of pages of literature should be read. The advice is: read, read and read again, if there is no way to contact a professional trainer.

Answer No. 6:

At us in / h the cynologist taught the teams caresses,Delicacy and punishing. In short it is difficult to describe it - better find the video on the Internet - on this topic. But the dogs were obeyed even by the "left" soldiers, who stepped into the guard with the dogs))

Answer No. 7:

We must go to the site, we must read the literature,Sit in forums, talk with a dog therapist if you really want to do this, how can you get advice here in a nutshell about the whole complex of actions and refining the dog's reflexes. If you want it simply and quickly this does not happen.

Answer No. 8:

For such as you, whole books are written, TV shows are shot, video lessons and cynologists work

Answer No. 9:

It is necessary to pass OKD.
Not a dog is lazy, and you.
On this subject, books are written,
Articles on the Internet, and very much and
Finally, there are cynologists, and you are lazy
All this read, see, listen.

Answer No. 10:

Before you teach the dog, you have to learn yourself!
I would advise the cynologist to be like that, he explained the main thing, showed how it should be, pointed out mistakes. And then you can already have video, books, etc. connect.

Answer No. 11:

If the dog "does not lend itself to training, is lazy" - the problem is not in him, but in you.
In particular, "lazy" - this is a problem with motivation, try to read articles on this topic.

Answer No. 12:

You need to consult with knowledgeable people. Stop by here http://sobachiimir.ru/, there is a forum of dog breeders, they will answer all your questions in terms of training your pet. Good luck in training :)

Answer # 13:

APPLY TO THE EXPERIENCED INSTRUCTOR: https://vk.com/antuannadjaryan
A lot of information and video on training:

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