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Complications after enteritis in puppies

Answer # 1:

Before talking about the complications of something that is notThe fact that it was, it seems to me, is normal to examine the puppy .. Even if he had diarrhea, not only the virus can cause it. There are also protozoa, for example. If they were they and they were not treated, of course, the manifestations will continue ..
I saw the doctor appointed mezim. Usually, enzymes are prescribed if the analysis shows poor digestibility of the feed. But this can be not only with enzymatic pancreatic insufficiency, but also with a poor bowel condition (the syndrome of malsorption). And this can be not only after enteritis, but also with protozoa. Personally, I had a cat suffering from lamblia ...
In general, what with a worm? The simplest sought and if so, how? What tests did you take? Whether did or made US? By the way, are you in what city?

Answer # 2:

If the puppy was sick and received heavy antibiotics, then just the liver with the pancreas and could fly.

Answer # 3:

Either you have misunderstood something, or theskilled. What does it mean to "give a human medicine"? Do you think that animals are treated only with veterinary drugs? Not at all. Treatment is prescribed based on the diagnosis. Also it would be desirable to hear this diagnosis which has put vet.

Answer # 4:

Animals are treated with human medicines, even if the drug is veterinary. Then the active substance in it is the same as in human medicine.
If the puppy was already sick, when he got to you, then you just rattled it.
You need to find a good vet, establish the cause and persistently treat the puppy, choose a diet and do not deviate from it, perhaps as long as the dog lives.

Answer # 5:

Complications after the transferred enteritis or a plague unfortunately meet very often, t. To. Gastrointestinal tract, a liver, pancreatic basically suffers.
But it is not necessary that your puppy suffered an infection, it can be both congenital pathology or with feeding something from you

Answer No. 6:

First a full course of tests.
The veterinarian is not a gypsy fortune teller to have somethingassume. The doctor should know for sure, for this there is a survey. I advise you to pass. Just at a young age, a lot can be fixed, and it will be cheaper than to treat an adult dog later.

Answer No. 7:

These puppies are carefully selected diet and it adhere to life, what and how there was left to guess at the coffee grounds

Answer No. 8:

My puppy after enteritis. At first I was on a diet. Now I'm eating normally, but I'm watching that the food was not fat.

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