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Which dog to buy? What dog to buy?

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HATIKO (Akita-Inu)

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Looking for what purpose ... You choose what is best for your wife: a hairdryer or an iron. Both that, and another it is good, but it is better not to dry hair with an iron, and it is useless to iron the trousers.
Dogs are sooooo different and each has its own purpose.

Answer No. 8:

And what kind of car should I buy? Can you answer without knowing my preferences, budget and for what purpose do I need a car?

Answer No. 9:

Yes what do you like

Answer No. 10:

What you like with which you can cope in content and upbringing

Answer No. 11:

? Any!

Chinese crested (pauler-puff, naked)



Boston Terrier

Golden retriever



Russian toy


French Bulldog

Belgian Griffon

Brussels Griffon, Small Brabanson


Shih Tzu

American Cocker Spaniel

English Cocker Spaniel

Russian hunting. spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Welsh Corgi-Pembroke

Answer No. 12:

None. Do not decide yet.

Answer # 13:

L Akita Inu l Alabai l Alaskan Malamute lAmerican Staffordshire Terrier l Afghan Greyhound l Basenji l Basset Hound l Bernese Mountain Dog l Beagle l Bichon Frize l Bloodhound l Bobtail l Boxer l Border Collie l Bordeaux Great Britain l Boston Terrier l Briard l Bruxelles Griffon l Bullmastiff l Bulldog American l Bulldog English l Bulldog French L Bull Terrier l Weimaraner l Welsh Corgi Pembroke l West Highland White Terrier l Dalmatian l Jack Russell Terrier l Doberman l Drachhaar l Golden Retriever l Irish Wolfhound l Irish Setter l Italian Greyhound l Yorkshire Terrier l Cane Corn With l dwarf pinscher l keeshond (German spitz l king charles spaniel English spaniel l cocker spaniel American l cocker spaniel English l collie l Chinese crested l kurtshaar l labrador retriever l husky l Maltese lapboard l mastiff english l mittelschnauzer l pug l German Dogo Newfoundland l shepherd German l papillon l Pekingese l pointer l pomeranian p l Royal poodle l poodle dwarf l poodle that l wheat terrier l rhodesian ridgeback l risen schnauzer l Rottweiler l Russian greyhound l russian toy terrier l samoyed Husky l Saint Bernard l Siberian Husky l Scotch terrier l Staffordshire Bull Terrier l Dachshund l Whippet l Pharaohan dog l Fox terrier smooth coat l Fox Terrier Wireworm l Zwergschnauzer l Chow Chow l Chihuahua l Sharpey l Sheltie l Shiba Inu l Shit-tsu l Airedale terrier l South African Boerboel l Yagter terrier l Japanese hin l

Answer # 14:

If the apartment is better to choose a small breed of dogs, and if there is a house on the ground that of large breeds!

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Answer # 17:

English mastiff

Answer # 18:

Husky !!!

Answer No. 19:

I love Siba (Shiba) Inu. They are very kind and intelligent. About them there is little information, but there is a bit good: http://bit.ly/1OWGJvv

Answer # 20:

The Bakers

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