/ What kind of dog do you consider the most suitable for keeping in the apartment?

What kind of dog do you consider the most suitable for keeping in the apartment?

Answer # 1:

Almost every breed of dog is suitable for keeping in an apartment

Answer # 2:

If I do not like the breed, I will not manage it, no matter how suitable for an apartment it was not. For me there are no dogs for an apartment, there are suitable for me.

Answer # 3:

Is it possible to choose the breed according to the principle?Living in an apartment? If there is a desire and opportunity, then you can keep any. In sovdepovskie times, when there were practically no cottages and in the flats they kept both Great Danes and Caucasians with Asians, and nothing

Answer # 4:

Well, perhaps dogs are small breeds. For example: a lapdog, pomeranian, york

Answer # 5:

Every man to his own taste. I have a big dog at home and I'm fine. How convenient.

Answer No. 6:

A lot of rocks. The Dwarves still

Answer No. 7:

To regret the psyche of a dog, you need to take into account its dimensions. The mass of small rocks for which the apartment is the whole world ..

Answer No. 8:

I have lived in an apartment at different timesDifferent dogs, from a huge dog to the smallest puffs. Only for large breeds long active walks are needed, and in the apartment they just rest between them, and small dogs in the apartment live, run and play, they do not need such long walks, although dogs can not be without them at all. Proceed with them, why do you need a dog, and be consistent with its needs.

Answer No. 9:

It is necessary to proceed from the fact that this or that breed was originally derived. I think that husky, husky Samoyeds just suffer in the room, as well as Alabai and Caucasians.

Answer No. 10:

Here the devil knows .. the person depends on whoever the little goat - wool. Vonischeaaa .. and who has three healthy dogs with long hair and clean, odorless and wool!

Answer No. 11:

Dogs are not even allowed into the church. You need to get a cat

Answer No. 12:

It seems to me that there are no dogs for the apartment

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