/ / Fight dogs breed mainly brutal people, trying to feel stronger at the expense of dogs?

Fight dogs breed mainly brutal people, trying to feel stronger at the expense of dogs?

Answer # 1:

Fighting dog dogs participating in battles. They are companion dogs, active and friendly dogs. The freaks that lead the dogs to seem steeper. Break the psyche of the dog and doom it to an unhappy life.

Answer # 2:

So still, what's the point and trick of the trolling? Or you can not give an answer to such a simple, seemingly, for you question?)

Answer # 3:

What a stupidity ..

Answer # 4:

What a fantasy such a miser at the trolls went ..

Answer # 5:

Not always. I suppose we like bull terriers for their rat muzzle. And so it's illegal if a person sets the dog on another, will organize dog fights. Sometimes such dogs are introduced in order to protect the house.

Answer No. 6:

Someone and then gets, but not all such

Answer No. 7:

Odintsov You grow old, I'm waiting for more sparkling trolling!

Answer No. 8:

A vague statement. There is no statistics, not even any data.
It turns out so - shaking the air in order to throw for
Discussion temko. ..
One I can say. And previously he kept the Stafford. Even the puppies
Were from the dog.
Then he left two for himself. We lived for five years. Difficult to contain, difficult
Learn as a special breed. It is necessary to know and know a lot before
Take such a dog for yourself. You have to be an adequate person yourself.
But as they say: the family is not without ur ...
So someone tries to assert themselves in this way. Deny
This is absolutely impossible.

Answer No. 9:

No, such dogs at least on dogs are similar and not that chihuahua or spitz, squalor in one word

Answer No. 10:

My answer is simple. A nicer, slobbering and "hugging" creature than pity, buli and amstaff ... NOT MEET! And you really beat there, as you wish ...

Answer No. 11:

No, not always, many lead to protect themselves andHis family, and someone likes to compete. There are those who lead such dogs to show themselves to be tough to show off, but such a minority, but to someone they just like :)

Answer No. 12:

In the photo my girlfriend, who before losing her pulse is afraid of dogs, even pinschers. The picture was taken on the first day of my acquaintance with my dog. That's all I wanted to say.

Answer # 13:

Complete nonsense, and amstaphs with pitbulls do notFighting dogs, the first for combat is too weak mentality, and the second is difficult to become a fighter because of the almost completely lost culture of training such a dog ....

Answer # 14:

it is right

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