/ / Are there dogs that do not spoil (scratch, gnaw) furniture, shoes, etc.It's not without it?

Are there dogs that do not spoil (scratch, gnaw) furniture, shoes, etc.It's not without it?

Answer # 1:

My puppy for his life gnawed a couple of sneakers andOnce snacked the telephone wire. I was afraid that this would continue and someday he would suffer from wiring. He is now 3 years old, does not touch anything, he plays with toys. My favorite pastime at night is to gnaw smooth circles in bed linen. I spoiled a lot of laundry, and I ate the circles myself. And yet because of him I walk barefoot, does not let me put on sneakers, or removes them, instead of bringing .... And never touched the furniture and did not chew!

Answer # 2:

No, all the dogs go through it

Answer # 3:

Normal raised dogs do not do this at all. Never.

Answer # 4:

There are. Unfortunately. And those who were not raised at all - no team and no requirements in childhood. Just initially nothing spoiled, as we then suffered from educating first interest, then love for the subject and are still suffering ..

Answer # 5:

Yes, my Hera chow did not eat a single thing, notNagadila, nothing in general is not spoiled. But a one-year-old sneezes a scream for four, and gnaws everything, although for a long time his teeth have changed, and he cracks, although they walk with him 3 times a day ...

Answer No. 6:

My girl chihuahua. She never gnawed anything or spoiled anything.

Answer No. 7:

I do not gnaw anything, except for intercoms, theirI will soon buy a party, well, it's understandable, sad, alone when I noticed that if you take off the doorphone-people come in. Here he is alone and takes off himself ... no more pritenzey, boxer, no sneakers, no furniture.

Answer No. 8:

Well I think somewhere something will be eaten up. But how hard and how long this will last depends on the chozov and the upbringing of the pet.

Answer No. 9:

There are, but very rarely. All puppies grow approximately the same

Answer No. 10:

Of course there are plush
Do not scratch do not gnaw walk, do not play with
Than the best pet

Answer No. 11:

Up to a year and a half I advise shoes not to throw)))Of course not all dogs kill master things, but most of them. Usually, the owner's shoes suffer when the dog does not have enough attention. Keep the dog in sight, and the shoes in the closet and everything will be fine.

Answer No. 12:

None of my dogs breed kerry blue terrier did not gnaw and did not scratch (only toys) unlike yorkies)

Answer # 13:

My dwarf dachshund for the rest of my life a bit"Sucked" a book in 3 months, the second is not what does not spoil her truth is still a little 4 months, and even the Dobermanker had time to only empty boxes from under the baby food (to her 5 months)))) I buy all the bones and a bunch of toys ...

Answer # 14:

My girl chihuahua. Nothing is gnawed and not spoiled. The dog is well-bred, has many toys, I constantly buy pits, ropes. So did the puppies. None of our children from the new owners did not eat anything.

Answer No. 15:

My dwarf dachshund has NEVER gnawed any furniture,Nor shoes. . And the whole point is that the breeder taught the puppies when the teeth began to erupt, gnawing plastic jugs from under yogurt, sour cream, etc. That's our Lizka just loves to play with all this plastic nonsense. Garbage, however, then clean up, but without wrecking ....

Answer # 16:

I think that at least something will be spoiled. Mine, for example, did not devour any pair of shoes, not a single sock, did not steal a single piece, even if the meat, say, lies on the floor, fell .... But what she did with the sofa:

And after another two seats from this set had a snack .... But other than that - nothing spoiled. And the new furniture is not touched - see the old time to change it :)))

Answer # 17:

Our puppy tried in our absence, replaced with sticks and toys. Now nothing spoils. When the dog is loaded with various occupations, then she has no time to engage in furniture and shoes

Answer # 18:

There are.
My dog ​​for his young life (she still 1g. 3m.) A couple of times chewed the TV cable. And nothing more.
Furniture is not interested at all, even somehow strange, and the shoes were hidden in the cupboards and cabinets immediately, as soon as the puppy appeared in the apartment.
Education and patience.

Answer No. 19:

You will be surprised, but our wolfhound (foundling from 3 weeks. , Before him in my life there have never been dogs), did not allow himself anything. And we had nothing to punish him. The cynologists promised that from one of our country house there would be nothing left to spare. However, in the first time, when he lived in a Moscow apartment up to 3 months. Ate a skirting half a meter. And that's all. The house and the property are intact, the garden is without foundation pits. In vain they were frightening us!

Answer # 20:

The puppies basically gnaw and that's fine, but there are also quiet ones.

Answer # 21:

All gnaw .. rage and turn everything upside down .. while young. Then become calmer .. grow up

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