/ / Dog The daughter wants a dog, but I hate them, what should I do?

Dog Daughter wants a dog, but I hate them, what should I do?

Answer # 1:

get a cat.
Cats are better than dogs.

Answer # 2:

Start a cat

Answer # 3:

Get another daughter this messed up

Answer # 4:

My parents did not even ask at the maillas)) They said no and everything ((

Answer # 5:

Standard. Give her a month to live in conditions when the dog type already exists. To walk three times a day in any weather, puddle the puddles. It will take her a couple of days

Answer No. 6:

Dog Daughter? That is, you have a dog called Daughter and she wants another dog, but you can not stand her? O_o
Breeyed ....

Answer No. 7:

A little dog for the daughter and let herself take care of herself, but you will be patient, then you will love

Answer No. 8:

Buy her a cat

Answer No. 9:

You can not buy if at least one member of the family is against. This is an axiom.

Answer No. 10:

Do not take it unequivocally. A child is a child, play enough and get bored. And dogs usually live for more than 12 years, who will look after them? You, through dislike and spitting in the child accusations? Not the best variant of family relations, in my opinion.

Answer No. 11:

My parents did not bother after such a desire in childhood and bought a cat

Answer No. 12:

Dog wants a dog ... wealth of the Russian language

Answer # 13:

You buy a cat or leave this venture. Adequately tell your daughter that she needs care. Will forget instantly.

Answer # 14:

Forget the daughter's dream

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