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Which breed of dogs is the smallest ???

Answer # 1:

In the Guinness Book of Records a new record has appeared, the newspaper "El Periodico" reports. There they brought the smallest dog in the world, its height is only 10 cm, this breed Chihuahua.
As the mistress of the animal told, at birthThe dog was no bigger than the thumb, and she had to feed her from the pipette every two hours. Lana Elsvik is so proud of her pet that she is going to travel the whole world so that everyone can see her tiny pet.

Answer # 2:

Probably a dwarf chihuahua

Answer # 3:

Super mini chihuahua

Answer # 4:

The title of the smallest dog in the world do not pretend to be a chihuahua or york, but a representative of another breed. Meet the baby Elwood.

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Elwood today officially recognized as the smallestA dog in the world among the Jack Russell Terrier breed. Its height or height is only 9 cm, and its length is 15 cm. At the same time, Elwood's weight, the smallest dog in the world, is 425 g. Considering that Elwood is already far from being a puppy, he has long celebrated his first birthday, these This is amazing. Growing further Elwood will not, therefore, growth and weight can be fixed officially. Perhaps if the owner of Elwood had submitted them to the record book, Jack Russell would have become the champion and official bearer of the title of the smallest dog in the world. And the Chihuahuas and Yorkies, who had held the championship before, would have been far behind.

Answer # 5:

The smallest breeds of dogs in the world are: Yorkshire terrier, chihuahua and dwarf poodle, miniature species of which in adulthood can weigh less than 453 grams. The smallest adult dog is a Yorkshire terrier the size of a matchbox. It belonged to Arthur F. Marples of Blackburn, Lancashire, the former editor of the magazine Our Dogs. This tiny creature, who died in 1945 at the age of about 2 years, had a height at the withers of 6.3 cm and a length from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail of 9.5 cm. He hung incredibly little - 113 grams. !!

Answer No. 6:

Dwarf chuhua-hua:) weighs only 1.3

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Answer No. 8:

Chihuahua (or chivawah)

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Answer No. 10:

There is no such breed of pygmy sneeze!
A small individual can be born from a sneeze, toya, york. Rarely without signs of dwarfism ...
The movie about jack was horrified ...

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