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How to disaccustom a dog to bite

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There are many recommendations on how to behave inSuch a situation. A very popular way: to slap a newspaper on the nose of a puppy. Its use is fraught with the fact that the puppy may in the future be afraid of objects, swings. If in the future it is supposed to teach the dog a protective guard duty, then it is better not to risk it.

Still often recommend to scream, imitatingLittermates. Indeed, the puppies are not yet able to calculate the strength of the bite, and it is the litter's reaction that tells them that the bite was too strong. But for people, the recommendation is very doubtful. Firstly, it is difficult for a person to imitate the squealing of puppies, as a rule, the puppy simply gives an approximate reaction to a new unexpected sound, i.e., he stops, but does not draw conclusions about the strength of the bite. But the main thing: if the imitation was successful, a person puts himself in the position of a weaker littermate, who can be bitten, although not very much. It is unlikely that this is the goal that a man sets himself by planting a dog.

Puppy likes to hunt for a hand. Therefore, it is necessary to make it uninteresting as an object of hunting. A person should not pull his hand away, scream like a prey. When the puppy takes his hand, you need to stop the game, strictly look at the puppy and say harshly "you can not." The voice should be of a low tone. At the same time you can try to make it unpleasant to find your hand in the mouth. For this, the fingers can be pushed slightly deeper so that the puppy spits them out. Preliminary treatment of the hand with anything that is not tasty will also contribute to solving the problem. In order to sharp teeth do not scratch your hand, you can before you go play with the puppy to wear gloves.

It is important not to start the problem, otherwiseA few months it will be difficult to explain to an adult dog, why you can not take your hands. In addition, of course, a puppy of any breed from the first day of stay at home should be educated. Impeccable obedience of an adult dog is laid in puppyhood.
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Only by buying a toy for teeth, it's impossible not to beat!

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In the teeth of her

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You need after clicking on it, to cram "fu", a lot of receptions, read books.

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When biting to press gently to the floor / ground. T o you show her your superiority over her .. that you are the leader of the leader. And bones must be gnawed and toys to her.

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Despite how much your dog (years or months) because we must not wean bite at puppy age. And so look, it can help: http://www.taksik.ru/vospit-/otuchaemkusatsja.html

The truth is about the rate, but the principle is the same everywhere

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