/ / Which dog is better to buy, what would not be very big?

Which dog is better to buy, what would be not very big?

Answer # 1:

Little pit bull

Answer # 2:

Chihuahua because I have Chihuahua and from them few problems can not even walk)))) And they are very dedicated doggies, and from York barking and hair throughout the apartment.

Answer # 3:


Answer # 4:

Orange spitz, Yorkshire terrier, chihuahua, a cross between chihuahua and chow-chow-chauchihuahuachau.

Answer # 5:

Yorka some, or chihuah. But in general any dog ​​is a responsibility! A dog is not a toy, but a living being that feels everything! Affection, anger, hatred, pain .. when you understand what a dog is, contact!)

Answer No. 6:

Google - medium breeds of dogs - and choose, there are dozens of them.

Answer No. 7:

Can you articulate the questions clearly? There are 600 breeds of dogs in the world, more than a hundred of them are small. In addition, dog breeds are divided according to purpose, nature and level of care.

Answer No. 8:

A lot of rocks. Spitz, pug, chihuahua, york, mittelschnauzer, basenji, sheltie.

Answer No. 9:

And what about the turtle?

Answer No. 10:

American cocker spaniel, Chinese crested, sheltie, poodle, dachshund, collie, Russian hunting. Spaniel, papillon, russian toy, labrador

Answer No. 11:

Jack Russell Terrier and no options

Answer No. 12:

Of York. One of the few dogs that is hypoallergenic, without any conditions.

Answer # 13:

Spaniel are very good dogs for home and family.
Choose the breed at its own discretion)
As an option - to look at shelters, there are a lot of medium-sized dogs, not thoroughbred, but this is not the most important criterion.

Answer # 14:

The average size of dogs is very high. Do you have this sole criterion? You do not care what kind of care for the coat, what temperament, what loads to give, how easy is the dog trained?

Answer No. 15:

РЧТ - Russian Black Terrier

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