/ What is the purpose of carrying a dog? In what cases should I use a dog carry-on?

What is the purpose of carrying a dog? In what cases should I use a dog carry-on?

Answer # 1:

We went on vacation to my parents in another city, inThe aircraft is only allowed to be carried, specially bought for such a case. Here is http://www.toppet.ru/catalog117_1.html there are posters for dogs inexpensive, such a temporary dwelling for our pet was to my liking.

Answer # 2:

The patient - to drag to the wind or moving - requires a carrier (especially air).
Can also be isolated from a new pet or guests.
To for some time to hedge against poking, for example, on carpets.
Maybe some - for the transfer through the mud :), and some - like a shower room :))
And in general for isolation. For example, the paw is damaged so that it does not run around the whole apartment. Or sick - to move to a warm place, upstairs somewhere.

Answer # 3:

This is for dwarf parodies.

Answer # 4:

Moves, and when you need to vet ....

Answer # 5:

Transportation by plane (for all dogs), transportation inTrain (for small dogs), a visit to the veterinarian in case of impossibility of independent movement of the dog (rather for large breeds, because a small dog can, in principle, be picked up) ..
It happens that the transfer is taught how to the place ..

Answer No. 6:

Carrying is necessary for different purposes, for example, to transport a dog around the city or as a belt dwelling for a pet

Answer No. 7:

Carrying is needed: 1) Hike to the vet. Not all dogs like this activity and it is better to carry it in a carry that would not rest against or pester other animals. 2) Moving. In an airplane or train, the animal is always in a carry.

Answer No. 8:

Very strange question

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