/ / CATS or DOGS ?! Name a few adequate reasons to hate CATS or DOGS !!!

CATS or DOGS ?! Name a few adequate reasons to hate CATS or DOGS !!!

Answer # 1:

Animals are not to blame for anything.

Answer # 2:

All srut and ssut and eat

Answer # 3:

They are the best dogs they are smarter!

Answer # 4:

Hate??? Is it to hate? Precisely I will not name.

Answer # 5:

There are no such reasons!

Answer No. 6:

How can you hate animals?!? Yes, there are no adequate reasons to hate them!

Answer No. 7:

People can be hated because they are very cunning and cunning, and animals are not.

Answer No. 8:

There are adequate reasons to hate only people, and animals are never to blame for anything, they are not reasonable, they are not responsible for their actions. How can they not be loved ??

Answer No. 9:

If you are badly treated, then an animal with inadequate behavior will grow up, which, if possible, will take revenge on you for past grievances.

Answer No. 10:

Why so aggressive? We have no hatred for animals. But we love more dogs. Why? Yes, because this primarily affects the activity. It's not for nothing that doctors say, movement-health. And there is a dog, tired, not tired, rain, snow, wind, still 3 times a day you have to walk a dog. Here is the movement

Answer No. 11:

There is one reason-idiosyncrasy for a particular animal. Someone hates spiders, some toads, and some also own husband.

Answer No. 12:

I see no reason to hate animals. Here are the people-this is yes

Answer # 13:

Cats and dogs are carriers of dangerous viral, infectious diseases and helminthiases. From animals, more people died than the victims of aircraft - remember the donkeys)))

Answer # 14:

Dogs should not shambles at home and can be walked around

Answer No. 15:

Why should anyone hate?

Answer # 16:

In general there is no reason for hatred of cats and dogs

Answer # 17:

Sess, eat and stink.

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