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Why such a reaction in dogs?

Answer # 1:

Through TV, and in general through the speakers, the high-frequency part of the sound is not transmitted much - people do not hear it, so there is no sense. A dog - hear.
But the sound on TV, too, generally react, but weaker and with surprise.

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:

Then they have an ear better distinguishes between the vibrations of the barking of the present and that in the record (on the record, it seems to be well distorted and the dogs understand this, their hearing is sharper)

Answer # 4:

They help to determine the sense of smell

Answer # 5:

Dogs are not techno-robots! They feel vibrations alive!

Answer No. 6:

Apparently animals communicate on a very subtle level, which can not be reproduced by the sound column of the TV! And maybe animals feel the space very well

Answer No. 7:

Why do not they react? My react, they begin to get themselves started. And, if you hear from the TV and if from the computer speakers. Sometimes I watch video on protection, so at least cut off the sound).

Answer No. 8:

React, but quickly realize that the sounds are "lifeless".

Answer No. 9:

At us the senior reacts even on the image of a dog or any other animal in the TV. He rushes to the zombie maker and paws at him with lap-chops. And the youngest is purple. But he did not care for barking on the street.

Answer No. 10:

React, but understand where it comes from. By the way, I like listening to music. A transfer about animals and cartoons, we look directly from the couch and very carefully!))

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