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Is it possible to re-educate a dog

Answer # 1:

Dogs are retrained at any age, the main thingDo it right, with patience (this lull, you and the other will be the same, here's the matter in the master and why your dog must die because of your mistake, you did it all, you have to correct it, so start to get involved in her upbringing)
And not for 5-6 months, but only yet, it's still quite a puppy, a dog for about a year still a puppy ..
Now correct all.
Well, whines and whines, then ceases, and you have to devote more time to it, play with it train it, and do not let it out of your yard for now,
Here are some good videos http://www.komanda-azart.com/video_obuch.html

Answer # 2:

Now she is very young. You still have time to re-educate yourself. Go to Yandex and type "How to re-educate the dog." Everything will turn out.

Answer # 3:

Almost all dogs give in to tough training. Do you need it?

Answer # 4:

Can the main thing is not lazy and give constant attention to your pet!

Answer # 5:

Of course you can. Her teenage age is now starting, and if you leave it as it is, then it will be much more difficult to re-educate it. And yes, you are the master, and not she, do not go around with the dog and do not let go of your own.

Answer No. 6:

It's about like her 10 years.
It is possible, and easy. In general, dogs can be re-educated in general from any age. Time is not lost, train, educate. Common questions are described on the web. Difficulties - ask on forums or with us, we will respond.

Answer No. 7:

You have a teenager. To whom will you give? Who needs a dog damaged by you? You set up - you and rake. And how - your choice. Or engage in, or put to sleep

Answer No. 8:

Oh my God! Do not sleep. You need a sensible cynologist or an instructor or sign up for a dress. Site.

Answer No. 9:

Young yet, why put to sleep? Of course, you can re-educate, play, teach teams, lead to an instructor for courses, watch video lessons. There are many exits, but one should not be lazy, enough time to give the dog

Answer No. 10:

And when you sleep, will you start a new one? And how many so ruin lives? It is necessary to be engaged in a dog, it in itself brought up is not born, for this purpose it is necessary to put not a little effort. There are no bad dogs, there are masters of the moron ...

Answer No. 11:

Dogs are always retrained. Many breeds under 3 years old still puppies :)

With each dog you have to go to the dress. Pad, even with chihuahu.

Take the dog therapist and go!

+ Pay little attention, likes to walk with dogs more
I was tired .. I did not pay attention .. Did I have to start a dog? It is necessary to determine the degree of responsibility .. The dog is still a living being.

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