/ / How did you fight with the sodey who complained that your dog barks?

How did you fight with the sodeys who complained that your dog barks?

Answer # 1:

Ignore ...
Today my dog ​​barked, tomorrow one of the neighbors the child cries all night, someone repair ...
That's life! Do not kill us each other? Anything can happen ...

Answer # 2:

My do not complain

Answer # 3:

Get used to the times

Answer # 4:

Neither of which she did not speak, ignored. My dog, my house. I also do not like much, but I'm silent.

Answer # 5:

1. The dog does not bark
2. The nearest neighbors are 40 meters away.
Hunting and guard dogs look ridiculous in high-rise buildings. If you want a big dog, build a big house. ))

Answer No. 6:

I belong to such neighbors, alas, the dog lives atAlkash. Locked in the toilet, whining, barking and grumbling spread throughout the apartment, patience was enough for a week. I talked - they do not lock me anymore. But barks, almost anyone in the corridor shuffles, poor dog - beat, fed with slops, almost do not walk ... The dog needs to be weaned to bark, it's your duty, for it really prevents you from living. It's one thing when you bark a couple of times and it's completely different, when the barking does not stop the clock.

Answer No. 7:

Did not pay any attention to them.

They are EMPTY PLACE :)))))!

(They do not bark at night)

Answer No. 8:

You have tamed your dog, and do the same with your neighbors. Call them sympathy through yummy, ironing, and so on.

Answer No. 9:

We are sometimes complaining about but already used to, besides from us (I'm younger brother and sister) the noise is more than from the dog

Answer No. 10:

Fed the dog. Dog fed, neighbors do not bark

Answer No. 11:

I did not fight them, I agreed with themIn an amicable way. There was a situation with the first dobermann, when they were not taught to stay at home alone. The situation was corrected for a week by long and active walks. Silence reigned in the house! Now I calmly leave two dogs at home.

Answer No. 12:

My neighbors do not complain, but the dogs at home are almost notBark - only if you want to go to the street (and still from the street home). And we live in the village, there are many problems - walking, for example: let out into the street and the dog then comes and asks.

Answer # 13:

And where are the neighbors? The dog team "fu" neighbors, get used to it, it will soon be adjusted. In the meantime, a total ignore.

Answer # 14:

Dogs do not bark

Answer No. 15:

I myself complained about the small shawk that neighbors live, the chihuahua like, Zadrala yapping. Right now, it's somewhere to happiness

Answer # 16:

It's neighbors who have to fight with people like you.

Answer # 17:

The herd does not shout, neighbors do not complain. They complain to us of our neighbors from above, children like horses galloping day and night.

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