/ / Why dogs are devoted to people and cats do not care?

Why dogs are devoted to people and cats do not care?

Answer # 1:

Cats understand people much better than dogs, theyJust know that without a reason to climb it is not necessary and leave when a person should be alone, and dogs climb to feed them and play, they do not need anything more

Answer # 2:

I do not agree. My cats do not slip and sleep on the bed. Dogs are simply more receptive, I think, to people and wait for them to show signs of attention, cats themselves do it when they feel that the owner is at it

Answer # 3:

It's a delusion. There are dogs that are not loyal. Just live in the same house and that's it. And there are cats that are so imbued with love to you, not one dog can match. What you deserve is what you get) and it does not matter whether it's a cat or a dog

Answer # 4:

And when you held the thread of cats? Cats are as loyal and loving pets as dogs. Just cats, subtly feel the attitude towards themselves, if you do not care, it is similar.

Answer # 5:

There are also cats obsessive, excessively affectionate, andDogs are introverts. As well as people. It just seems that the dogs are very devoted, but it's just because they are schooling animals, and cats are single, from here and the difference in behavior.

Answer No. 6:

Cats feel like Gods (as in Egypt), and dogs are clean, like friends

Answer No. 7:

Dogs are schooling animals. Of course it is not necessary to generalize

Answer No. 8:

Because dogs are much more focused onRights. In addition, the cat itself is on its mind mostly. But there are also sublimits, which people at the top of the responses are called attached to a person. And the dog is a schooling animal, it has a leader, and the cat itself)
Honestly, I have nothing against cats, I have a Siberian living at home)))))) It's easier to understand why such a different attitude of animals, when you have a dog and a cat (like me)

Answer No. 9:

Dogs are social in nature, they are from birthIt is necessary to be empathic and read the signals either from the leader in the pack or from the host in the house. And the cat does not. A cat, as you know, walks by itself and only in the spring with a cat. To the owners of the cat of several breeds (kunas, siames) are also tied, but do not adjust like dogs.

Answer No. 10:

Dogs were originally schooling animals, a flock and a leaderFor them are extremely important, they are very ill alone. Cats are single. Although in the process of domestication, those who attach themselves to a person were selected, the cat and the owner still do not have the same connection as the dog.

Answer No. 11:

A cat and a dog are different species, from hereAnd different behavior. Different relationships with the man-master. The dog is a schooling social animal. Cats are mostly the territory of the land and singles. Animals need to be understood, but do not try to humanize them. It is not true that all dogs will be betrayed to you without exception. And that there are no loyal cats. She knew the dog well, which was absolutely spit on its owners. On walks, she also strove to slip out, just to run in and walk up. In many breeds, such as, for example, husky or beagle predisposition to vagrancy is inherent in nature itself. Friends constantly "caught" the city of their basset. At the same time there was in the childhood a kitty. Who followed me like a dog. I recognized my acquaintance from afar, from one step only. When we went with her to the garden, then all the way through the forest ran near my feet. Always met when a person was crying-calming. Licked, hugged her paws. Another cat was very friendly with the dog. After her death she was very bored and very quickly died too. Now lives a cat with a dog-like character. Ready to contact to infinity. Just get up, immediately wakes up and runs after it. He likes to "talk" in different ways. Sometimes he even "gets" so much with his attention)

Answer No. 12:

What kind of host and attitude

Answer # 13:

Well, I would not say. My cat's husband just adores madness.

Answer # 14:

Cats are also loyal but otherwise behave like a dog is important first the owner to whom he is accustomed and the cat place in the first place that's how it is so

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